Willamette Towers


For information on a unit for sale one must contact the owner or the owner’s agent (often real estate agents) directly.The Willamette Towers office has little to do with sales. We do not supply information on available units.

If you are planning to buy, please acquaint yourself with the Policies, as many of these affect planning for work on units and actual moving.

All moves must be scheduled with the office at least a week in advance. There is a $200 when moving in. Failure to schedule an appointment and proceeding to move in will result in a $300 fine. Details are spelled out in the Move In / Move Out Policy.

For a move-in:

An administrative appointment is required before the physical move can occur.

For a move-out:

The move must be scheduled with the office, no other appointments are required.

Willamette Towers’ personnel must be present during a move to minimize damage done to the building. Weekend/Evening moves are only scheduled at the discretion and availability of the site personnel and will be billed to the owner at an hourly rate.

Renters and Owners must fill out a Unit Information Form, available as an this electronic version or you can download the paper version.

Anyone moving in is required to deliver to the office a Willamette Towers Occupant Agreement.

Here are the By-Laws referenced in the form.

The policies cover many details that owners and contractors must follow when planning and performing work on units, including instructions for contractors, times when work can be performed and more.

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