Willamette Towers

Moving In and Moving Out


Move-In/Out Policy Revised: November 2022

Move-in/move-outs may only be done during the site personnel’s work hours, with site personnel knowledge, supervision and direction.

The site personnel’s work hours are: Monday -Friday, 7 am - 4 pm.

Please contact Willamette Towers’ office at least one week in advance to schedule a move in/out.

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Moving In

Fill in the “Move-in Information” sheet with your phone and emergency contact numbers, parking space and locker number, car insurance information, and car and bike information for registration.

All information you do not have will be supplied to you by the site personnel.

Please supply a copy of your homeowner’s certificate of insurance. We keep a file on each unit of the unit’s history and repairs.

Use only the North entrance for moving in and out. Never leave the door unattended and/or blocked open unless a trusted individual is stationed by the door to prevent unauthorized entry into the building. Otherwise, all exterior doors must be kept locked.

All moves into a unit shall be assessed a $250 non-refundable move-in charge. This charge shall be included in the unit owner’s next HOA dues statement.

In the event that a unit owner fails to make the required arrangements to coordinate a move into the owner’s unit, that unit owner shall be assessed a fine of $300 in addition to the general move in fee of $250. The fine shall be included in the unit owner’s next HOA dues assessment.

Moving Out

All move-outs of a unit must follow the same protocol as the move-in, i.e. at least one week’s notice to site personnel. There will be no additional fee for the move-out, thus the $250 covers both the move-in and out of the same unit. The $300 fine applies at both move in and move out should the above policies not be followed.

Benefits and Details

The move in/out benefits to owners and renters include:

  • Instruction as to use of materials and most efficient usage;
  • Introduction to the workings of the building;
  • Name(s) added to building directory;
  • Issuance of keys and fobs for doors;
  • Assignment of storage area if one is requested by resident;
  • Registration of bicycle(s) and vehicle(s).

If a resident has a dire circumstance that absolutely prohibits moving in/out during the site personnel’s working hours, the resident may contact the site personnel and attempt to set up a time during ‘off’ hours that site personnel can be present.

This arrangement is completely at the site personnel’s discretion.

The resident must pay for the site personnel’s overtime with a 4-hour minimum. The overtime charge will be added to the next HOA assessment.