Willamette Towers

Reserves Study


Major goals are to do some building-wide plumbing remediation in 2018 and accrue the funds to complete a garage upper-deck surface re-build in 2019.

View the basic version of the 2018 Reserves Study.

The Full Reserve Study is rather dry and repetitive. It does detail the yearly contribution to each reserves item.

About the Reserves Study

The Reserves Study includes a maintenance schedule for large capital expense items and a financial plan- income from a portion of the HOA dues- for providing the funding.

The Reserves Study for 2018 has not been formally approved by the board, but has been reviewed by an ad hoc budget committee as part of the full 2018 budget planning.

The Reserves Study is a forward-looking document. Since 2016, we have kept track of both the proposed and actual reserves expenses as a way to look back.

Here is the the Oregon Condominium Law regarding a Reserves Study and board responsibility.