Willamette Towers

What is an HOA (Home Owners’ Association)?

An HOA is a set of residences owned by individuals and overseen by a Board of Directors (BOD); thus, a shared co-op of owners with each owner responsible for the maintenance and sale and, optionally, rental of their unit(s).

Residences can all be in one structure, as at Willamette Towers, or a set of individual structures within a designated area. The Board of Directors is the governing body upholding the Bylaws, Declaration, Rules (sometimes called policies), state and federal law, and fees associated with the HOA.

The Board may elect committees to collect data, to investigate a neglected aspect of the HOA, or to perform other duties directed by the Board. The committees are responsible for reporting to the BOD all of its finding at the Monthly Board Meetings.

Willamette Towers has an on-site building manager for maintenance, office duties and other operational needs. The administrative manager maintains the records for the HOA and sends out correspondence but does not handle any official business or financial regarding the sale or rental of units. This is handled by individual owners or their representatives, be they hired individuals, professional management companies or realtors. For information regarding the purchase or rental of individual units, the owners must be contacted directly.

The Building Operations Manager is responsible for the physical upkeep of the common elements and the grounds of the HOA. The Willamette Towers Board, personnel and Bennett Management Company (BMC), the overseeing property management company, is not responsible for anything that occurs within individual units unless deemed so by the Board. Owners are responsible for all maintenance, plumbing and electrical and general upkeep needs within their individual units. This is spelled out in the By-Laws which are supplemented by Rules (Policies) which have been adopted by the board.