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Minutes of Meeting April 9, 2001

Introduction of Board Members: Douglas Cochrane-President; Joanne Gulsvig-Vice President; Marge Catha-Treasurer; Carol McCarthy-Member; David Goth-Member

Also attending were: Joan McCornack-Unit #601, Roberta Phillips-Unit #1008, John Agnew-Unit #503, Emmylou Lloyd-Unit #1006, Marci Sexton-Unit #1201, Bobbie Sorrels-Unit #1202, LaVerne Edwards-Unit #1106, Marcia Peterson-Unit #801, Sandra Hanson-Janitorial Service


Douglas Cochrane introduced Dan Huntley of Western States Subdivision Consulting (541-459-4596 or FAX 541-459-4597) to discuss the need for a reserve plan/reserve study.

Mr. Huntley discussed putting together a 30-page report based on information he will gather about every aspect of the building. The plan would be “tailor made for our needs—but with recommendations.

Marge Catha asked what the cost of such a plan would be.

Mr. Huntley said that he will put a proposal together that will include that information, although he believed it would be in the range of $2,500 to $3,000.

For more information, Mr. Huntley provided his website address:


Mr. Cochrane asked the board if we would be interested in having Mr. Huntley put together a proposal.

Carol McCarthy proposed we have Mr. Huntley provide a proposal. (She mentions she believes it is “important to have strong legal footing.”)

Joanne Gulsvig seconds this motion. It is voted on and passes unanimously.


Joanne Gulsvig introduced Aaron Crowley of Integrated Electronic Systems (541- 485-4456 or FAX 541-688-1478), a security company, about the feasibility of setting up a camera system in the building.

He discussed a camera system for security. His proposal covers a “minor system” that would provide six cameras on the main floor and at the entrances and stairwell exit.

The cost would be about $8,863. The parking structure would take four cameras and cost about $3,200.

The type of cameras he recommends are duplex/multiplex, which means all of the images will come to one tape.

LaVerne Edwards wondered if having six cameras would actually be helpful if we cannot identify the perpetrator because they do not live here, or because the images are too small to identify.

David Goth contacted Sonitrol. Their proposal starts at $6,800 for four cameras that can be upgraded. Up to 9 cameras can be added to this system. The parking structure would be about $2,500, and the elevators would be about $1,000 each.

Ms. Gulsvig also suggested that we could get information about setting up a Police Substation here in the office/lounge. She has spoken to a friend on the police department.

Ms. Edwards suggests that turning the building into a “55 and older building” would be another good idea. Bobbye Sorrels suggests we carefully consider whether we really want to do that.

This subject if still being investigated so no vote was taken.


Harvey and Price reported that an onsite inspection of each units fire sprinkler is necessary to determine how many and which sprinklers have been painted.

I will begin this inspection as soon as possible.

The sprinklers that have been painted are no longer operable and will need to be replaced. The cost of this will be about $178 per unit (possibly less if there are many in need of replacement.)

Ms. Sorrels suggested that this might be a good time to also inspect the heater system that is no longer useable, and has now become a hazard. Most have been disabled or removed. She said that a previous board tried to get this information, but was unable to get a complete number.

This is to be discussion at a later meeting.


Smeed Communications has recommended that we replace our old Intraguard System.

The one we have is wearing out. It has been in operation for 15 years. There is no longer technical support or parts available for repair. Diana Drake provided the board with the proposal Smeed Communications faxed to her. The cost of the new system is $1,700.

After discussion, Ms. Gulsvig made a motion to engage Smeed to install the new system.

Ms. McCarthy seconded the motion.

Mr. Cochrane called for a vote—and the motion was passed unanimously. Ms. Drake has been directed to order the new system.


John Agnew wanted to discuss ideas to help more adequately vent the laundry room. He would like Diana Drake to help him set up appointments with EWEB and private contractors to look at our system.


Mr. Cochrane talked about the carpet in the halls. He feels that the carpet is in good shape, but very dirty. He asked Sandra Hanson’s opinion.

She made some suggestions to find a new carpet cleaner by asking for recommendations from people here in the building.

Reese Brothers Janitorial Services have offered to come clean the carpet on one floor for $50 for us to preview of the quality of their work. They told us to choose the floor that was in the worst shape. We asked Sandra Hanson which floor she thought was worst.

She said it is definitely the third floor.

Mr. Cochrane said to find out about Scotch Guarding. Mr. Goth checked out the price of replacing the carpeting. The prices would begin at $25,000 to $30,000. An appointment will be set up to have the third floor cleaned as soon as possible.


Diana Drake reported that there have been numerous complaints about the two puppies in the building—Units # 602 and #407. She suggested that the following letter be sent to the owners and property managers of these units.

“RE: Puppy in Rental

To Whom It May Concern:

We assume that you are aware that your renters in Unit #602 now have a puppy. We want to be sure that you are also aware that you are ultimately responsible for any damage or messes that are a result of this puppy on this property. This includes the gardens, the lawn, the elevators, and carpeting in the halls.

Residents who choose to have dogs must clean up after them. In this neighborhood, there is just not an appropriate place to leave dog feces behind. There are city ordinances addressing this issue, as well.

Please be sure your renters understand that there is nobody here in the building to clean up after their puppy, and that there is no tolerance for messes found on the premises.

Thank you.”

It was decided that the letter should go out as suggested above.


Carol McCarthy had some ideas about a chain of communications. She pointed out that some contractors are giving Sandi information that should be given to Diana. Not only does this take up Sandi’s time, but also it keeps Diana from taking action on things she does not hear about. Lately, both the Fire Department and Harvey and Price left information with Sandi that should have been given to Diana to start with. Both incidents required Diana to take an action.

Carol suggests that if Diana is in the building when information regarding inspections and work done is given, the information should be given to her.


Andrew Thurman in Unit #703 has asked if he can present the board of directors with a bid to pressure the parking structure.


Mr. Cochrane asked Diana Drake how many ballots have come in to incorporate the building. There are now 58 ballots in with only one vote against. Mr. Cochrane asked Ms. Sorrels to work with Ms. Drake to complete this job. She agreed to do this.


Mr. Cochrane asked Ms. Drake to provide the contact list.

The one she put together was an “Action List” with the names and phone numbers of contractors. What Mr. Cochrane wanted was a contact list that includes the name and phone numbers of board members to provide to the unit owners.


Mr. Cochrane suggests that we need to put together a “general policy” regarding past due assessments.

He suggests we could set up some checkpoints we could make as steps we would take with every unit owner who is late.

He suggests that when someone is 20 days late, we should send a notice that we will charge interest.

If it is not paid by the 10th day of the following month, and notice will be sent again informing owner that a lien will be filed if the account is not brought up to date.

If the account is more than 60 days past due, get the lien filed.

After 90 days, the board has the option of foreclosing, going to small claims court or a civil suit.

There was discussion about what steps are currently being taken.

Ms. McCarthy said she would like the board to maintain the option of when to file a lien.

Mr. Cochrane suggests that Ms. Drake can file future liens.

BOBBYE SORRELS passed out a memo she prepared for the board of directors before she left the meeting. She asks that this remain a private communication to the board.


Carol McCarthy made a motion to place a lien on Unit #308 for non-payment of homeowners’ dues. Malcolm Scott has been handling our legal affairs. He is recovering from surgery, but Ms. McCarthy is sure that there is someone else in the law firm is covering his work in his absence.

We noticed tonight that there was a For Sale sign in the window of #308. Ms. McCarthy pointed out that this is against the rules and that the sign must be removed.

Mr. Cochrane provided some samples of a form he would like to see implemented here. These are sent out in e-mail and added to the agenda.

There was discussion about the board e-mail list, which is a separate list than the one that any in the building can access.

Douglas Cochrane asked for a motion to adjourn.

Carol made the motion to adjourn.

Ms. Gulsvig seconded the motion.

Marge Catha said we are not ready to adjourn. She has the signature cards that she needs the board to sign. This was done.

Discussion was made on when the next meeting will be, and whether we can now move to quarterly meetings. For the time being, we will stay with monthly meetings.

At this point, Diana was excused from the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by
Board of Directors Member

Prepared by

Diana Drake,
Assistant to the Board of Directors