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Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

December 19, 2001

Introduction of Board Members: Douglas Cochrane,President; Joanne Gulsvig, Vice President; Marge Catha, Treasurer; David Goth, Member; Absent: Carol McCarthy, Secretary

Also present were: Bob Huntley, John & Shirley Quirk, Emmylou Lloyd, Esther Erford, Bobbye Sorrels, Irene Rose, Uldine Summers

Approval of the Minutes of the November 19, 2001 meeting:

Joanne Gulsvig pointed out that there should be two inclusions.

At the October meeting, Carol McCarthy agreed to contact David Bennett in Portland regarding bylaws.

At the October meeting, David Goth agreed to contact Pritchard & Evans regarding the lease property on the main floor.

With these inclusions in mind, Joanne moved to approve the minutes and Marge Catha seconded the motion.

The minutes of the meeting were approved.

Financial Report:

Joanne reported that our AT&T Broadband has been charging Willamette Towers the higher rate that they proposed in and as of August. She said that the new fee is $18,000 a year ($1,573.68 a month). (Our old fee was $1,320.37 a month, $15,844.44 a year.


Discussion about whether or not to continue providing “free” cable followed. No decision was made at this time.

Commercial Units

David Goth reported that there are no new leads on renters for the property on the main floor.

Discussion of possible incentives to potential renters followed. No decision was made.

Douglas moved that we offer an incentive of one month’s assessment to any member of the homeowners’ association who finds us a renter. Joanne seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

David said he would “light the fire” under Pritchard. Options on dividing the space, if necessary, were also discussed. David will report on the status at the next meeting.

Douglas asked Diana to have Sandi clean the salon space as soon as it is vacant. Options about the carpeting in the salon space were discussed. No decision was made.


Discussion about options with reserves and unappropriated reserves were discussed.

Whether or not there is money in accessible accounts to refurbish the lobby is part of this issue.

Possibly a separate reserve account should be set up for this item, and money moved into it.

Douglas said that he believes that spending money to refurbish the lobby before the two rental properties on the main floor might not be a good idea.

Main floor lighting:

Douglas suggests that we postpone this issue until we have a refurbishing plan in place. The lighting should be part of the design plan. Diana reported that the lighting would not look any different than it does now when it is completed. It would be more energy efficient.

The board reviewed Phillips Electric’s bid on the lighting. Douglas said he would check with Eric about the possible tax credit.

Unit 206:

Douglas said he would like a rental contract filled out by Maxine.

Budget for 2002:

The date for the next budget meeting was set for January 7 at 9:00 am. Joanne agreed to notify Carol of this meeting.


Fred Stevens of Mercer Industries and Tony of Lane County Glass made a presentation of window replacement.

The option discussed was if we replace all of the windows in the building with energy efficient vinyl.

The price estimates are as follows:

  1. Units: $606,915 Approx: $6,670 per unit, $680 per window.
  2. Penthouse units: $88,500
  3. Ground Level: $24,800

The manufacturer would rather do smaller segments of the building at a time than provide windows for the whole building at one time, and in fact, may save us money in the long run. A six-month project was their preference. The installation will take a day or two per unit.

If they do an accelerated work project, they would do the installation from the outside, but the cost would be far greater.

Options of how owners will pay for this were discussed. Whether or not the building should “own” the windows were discussed. This would require a change in the bylaws.

The penthouse cannot be fitted with vinyl windows because of availability unless an aluminum frame is fitted that will accommodate vinyl windows. The windows on the main floor will need a “store front application.”

Douglas asked Diana to check with EWEB about incentives for this project.

The piece that needs to be replaced to keep windows in place is being made, and can be installed by Lane County Glass if your windows are not secure.

Benefits of new windows, and reduction of ultra violet light were discussed next. Diana said that there are two options for getting a rebate from EWEB according to Will Price of EWEB.

Unit owners can get individual loans and rebates from EWEB

The building as a whole can get a loan and rebate on behalf of the homeowners’ association. Joanne suggests that the board should set up an information meeting for the homeowners. Fred Stevens said he could come and bring a sample window for inspection by homeowners.

Other window style options were discussed. Projected costs in assessments were also discussed.

Further discussion will take place at a later date. No decision has been made.

Property Management:

Douglas proposed that a sub-committee be formed to review this issue. He suggests that members of this sub-committee be Bobbye Sorrels, Joanne Gulsvig and Douglas Cochrane.

Bobbye and Joanne have agreed to participate.

A committee meeting to discuss this issue is scheduled for January 7 at 11:00 am. Owners are welcome.

Elevator lighting options:

Diana reported that the light in the elevator couldn’t be repaired. The inside of it melted. A replacement of the same style is not possible. They are not available. Diana presented the bid that Phillips Electric provided.

Douglas moved that we accept the bid from Phillips. David seconded the motion.

Motion passed.

Window Washers Due:

The window washers are due and will be here to work on or around January 13 and 14.

Lower Parking Structure to be cleaned:

There are a lot of leaves in the lower parking structure. Douglas gave Diana the name of a gardener he would like her to get a bid from. Hayes Garden—343-6220

Meeting came to a close at 8:50.

Respectfully submitted,

Secretary, Board of Directors

Prepared by,

Diana Drake
Assistant to the Board of Directors