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Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

May 9, 2001

Introduction of Board Members: Douglas Cochrane-President—Could not attend this meeting; Joanne Gulsvig-Vice President—Officiated meeting in Mr. Cochrane’s absence; Marge Catha-Treasurer; Carol McCarthy-Member; David Goth-Member

Also attending were: John Agnew—Unit #503, Uldine Summers—Unit #501, Irene Rose—Unit #307, Bobbye Sorrels—Unit #1202, Emmylou Lloyd—Unit #1006, Bob Huntley—Unit #204


The new Entraguard is working. It seems that some phone numbers did not get programmed into the system when Smeed installed it. Eric Peterman was not able to program it, so we made an appointment with Smeed to come and instruct Eric and me on Friday, May 4 at 10:00 am. I was in the building until 3:00 pm and Smeed Communications did not show up.

Diana will follow up by learning how to program the new Entraguard, and preparing a notice informing those who have not been programmed in yet to contact her.


After the letter regarding the puppies in Units 602 and 407 was sent to the respective owners and property managers, there were continued complaints from residents and Sandi about puppy messes.

When Diana reported some puddles outside the elevator on the fourth floor to the property owner of Unit 407, that property owner told her there is no puppy there—that the puppy on the sixth floor must be making these messes. About one week later, the renters in Unit 407 began to move out of the building.

After many more complaints from residents and Sandi regarding the puppy on the sixth floor and after discussion with Joanne Gulsvig of the board of directors, Diana called that property manager. They told her that the residents in Unit 602 had been given a 10-day notice to remove the puppy.


Bobbye Sorrels explained incorporating the building to a new unit owner—Bob Huntley in Unit 204.

She also reported that we now have the votes necessary to carry this motion and felt that we should put a “seal” on it so that we would not lose a vote if a unit sold. Carol made a motion to incorporate based on the votes we have, and to seal the Marge seconded the motion. The board voted on the motion and it was carried unanimously. Carol McCarthy of the board of directors agreed to contact our attorney, Malcolm Scott to put this in motion.

PRESSURE CLEANING PARKING STRUCTURE and concrete pathways around the building:

Andrew Thurman, who presented a proposal to us, came to the meeting to introduce himself and answer any questions the board of directors has. He plans to complete one level per day for two days. He says he is ready to begin the job as soon as he receives the board’s approval.

Marge Catha of the board of directors had some concerns about drainage—and about whether or not Mr. Thurman intends to clean the drains.

John Agnew has concerns about maintaining the surface until such time as we can go ahead with the resurfacing project. He said that some of the concrete patches are actually causing further damage when people drive over them by creating a wedge that is breaking apart the surface. While he believes that removal of these would be good, he believes that we should not leave these cracks open. While pressure washing would remove the debris and vegetation, he is concerned that removing the existing patches without re-patching them may threaten the existing structural condition to the point that we would be looking at a much more expensive project in a year or two than we are looking at now. He suggests that the board think about patching what we have until such time as our budget allows for the resurfacing project.

Joanne Gulsvig asked what benefits would be obtained by going ahead with pressure washing, beyond cosmetic. Mr. Thurman said it is only cosmetic.

Joanne asked John Agnew to help Diana to get bids on intermediate work on the parking structure. John and Diana plan to have this information for the next board meeting.

Until further information is gathered, pressure washing the parking structure has been postponed.


Diana has not been able to check each unit because of residents’ availability and has asked for volunteers. Carol McCarthy and Joanne Gulsvig are available Thursday evening to help check these. Marge Catha is willing to help, but is not available Thursday evening.


Postponed until next meeting.


The board of directors has received a comprehensive proposal from Dan Huntley of Western States Subdivision Consulting (541-459-4596 or FAX 541-459-4597).

His fee for research and setting up his program is $2,550. He also requires $.54 a mile for travel with expenses. If ever a court appearance were required, we would have to travel to Douglas County because that is where his business is located.

David Goth of the board of directors asked what this study would provide that we have not already accomplished with the plan we have in place.

Carol McCarthy does not think we should go forward with this plan. She has concerns about how much this plan would cost the building, as well as the “Pandora’s Box” it may open.

Bobbye Sorrels of Unit 1202 thinks it would be a good idea to check with local experts for another proposal if we are interested in updating what we already have in place.

Since Douglas Cochrane was not able to attend this meeting, this issue has been added to the agenda of our next meeting.


Reese Brothers Janitorial came and cleaned the third floor on Sunday, April 22, 2001 at 9:30 a.m. as per their promotional proposal to do “our dirtiest floor” for $50.00.

It appears to those who have checked that Reese Bros. did a very good job. They propose to clean 2 to 3 floors each Sunday until the job is completed at a fee of $130 per floor for cleaning, and $35.00 a floor for soil retardant. They have a separate proposal for individual units who wish to have their units cleaned while Reese Bros. is working on their respective floors. Appointments must be made in advance for this.

After discussion, Marge Catha made a motion to have Reese Bros. fulfill their proposal.

Carol McCarthy seconded the motion. The issue was carried unanimously.


John Agnew went over the proposal we received from Harvey and Price who we would contract to upgrade our venting system, and the proposal we received from Will Price of Energy Conservation at EWEB.

Harvey and Price’s fee for the upgrade is a total of $2,096, which we would pay to Harvey and Price. EWEB will pay the building a total of $1,200 if we follow the proposal we received from Harvey and Price, leaving the total cost for the building $896.00.

David Goth made a motion to go forward with these proposals. Carol McCarthy seconded the motion.

The motion carried unanimously.


Discussion of feasibility of cameras—(Bobbye Sorrels suggests we budget in advance for this.)

Can we have an expert (not a salesman) come and discuss security?

John Agnew suggests we consider dummy cameras.

Should the Homeowners Association continue to pay for cable television?


Update on remodel in 607. Ms. Holte to inform board of directors about any changes she will make to plumbing and/or electric.

Unit 308 may be going into foreclosure—what steps can the homeowners’ association take to recover funds owed?

Carol McCarthy will check this out when she goes to lawyer for incorporation questions.


Respectfully submitted, Board of Directors Member

Prepared by

Diana Drake
Assistant to the Board of Directors