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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Condominium Meeting of the Board of Directors

February 14, 2002

Board Members: Douglas Cochrane-President (absent); Joanne Gulsvig-Vice President; Marge Catha-Treasurer; David Goth-Member; Carol McCarthy- Secretary

Assistant to board: Diana Drake (absent)

Also attending:Bobbye Sorrels

In Douglas Cochrane’s absence Joanne Gulsvig conducted the meeting.

Minutes of January 14, 2002 meeting:

Copies of minutes of January 14 meeting had been distributed prior to this meeting.

Financial Report:

Copies of the financial statement dated January 31, 2002, had been distributed prior to this meeting.

2002 Budget:

The result of the survey that Douglas Cochrane sent out with the last minutes indicated that there were more who wanted the dues raised than wanted to lose cable television. After some discussion, Carol McCarthy made a motion to approve the budget, including the assessment increases, drafted by the board at previous work sessions (copy attached). David Goth seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.


Carol said she expected to hear from Mr. Bennett, who is working on Willamette Tower’s incorporation, in the next week or so. She will inform the board when there is new information.

Annual Meeting Preparation:

Esther Erford and Lillian Rarick had volunteered to sign owners in for the annual meeting on Monday, February 18. The board expressed its appreciation. Diana was to prepare and post the agenda. The board planned to present the completed 2002 budget to all attendees of the annual meeting and to send copies to the ownership following the meeting.

Joanne suggested briefing Douglas before the meeting. She said she would try to contact him.

Ballots were to be prepared for the election of new board members. The announcement of the date of meeting and proxies had been sent out to ownership. Carol McCarthy said she planned to leave the board; Marge Catha said she planned to remain on the board, but would rather not be an officer. Joanne Gulsvig and David Goth planned to remain on the board. Bobbye Sorrels and Dorothy Quirk were nominees.


David Goth had received a second bid for re-carpeting the halls in the amount of $28,000. It is substantially less than the bid already presented. Also included is a bid for carpeting the walls of the elevators in the amount of $1,100. Previous bid was for $32,492 for carpeting halls. This does not include elevators.

Discussion on having Marilyn Augusta, Interior Designer, on an advisory level followed.

The new board of directors will decide when/who will get going on carpeting and painting.


There was discussion about window replacement, and how to facilitate it. Further research is required.

No-Smoking Signs:

The board discussed having Diana acquire and post appropriate no-smoking signs at each entrance, and on each floor.