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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Minutes:

December 19, 2005, 7 pm

Board members present: Joanne Gulsvig, Chair; Dorothy Quirk, Treasurer; Richard Lowen, Kieran Walsh, Bill Castle

Bennett Management: Rob Bennett, Berenice Yoder

Association members present: Bob Huntley, Nancy Bessonette, Bennett Management, Paula Rogers, Ardemis Walsh, Bill Ayres, Marc Levy, Bob Bennett, John Rose, Mary Erbaugh, Giny Landgreen, Dick Kraus

Joanne Gulsvig, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Introductions were made.


Nancy Bessonette commented on the nice job of painting the exterior of the building and the general landscape clean-up.

Marc Levy asked how the Board prefers to be contacted. WILLAMETTE TOWERS EMAIL “ TO ALL”: Willamettetowers@msn.com

Mary Erbaugh inquired about the progress for the final rewrite of the association rules especially as they pertain to parking at the North entrance, personal objects still in the common areas, and smoking around the building. BMC HAS LETTERS READY TO BE POSTED ON THE BULLETIN BOARD, SLIPPED UNDER DOORS AND MAILED OUT IN AN EFFORT TO EDUCATE ALL CONCERNED.

Nancy Bessonette inquired about the proposals for the cleaning contract. THIS WILL BE GOING TO COMMITTEE BEFORE BEING PRESENTED TO THE BOARD.

Dorothy Quirk made a motion to accept the November minutes as written which passed.

Dorothy reported in the financial report

that there is a $3,789.00 ending cash balance this month.

Joanne will sign a letter to EWEB so that BMC can further investigate a May water charge which is still in question by the Board.

The budget is in progress and will be before the Board at the January meeting.


John Rose reported that there is still work to be done on the edge detail of the roof. BMC offered to meet with Umqua and John at the beginning of January to wrap up details including the current water spilling on the 13th floor.

John presented the final phase of the Landscape plan. The Board voted to spend $300 - $400 to complete this. Dorothy made a motion to fund this last phase. t passed with three in favor, one abstention, and one opposed.

John also reported on a possible alternative in the window replacement. Joan McCornack had interior storm windows installed in 1978 and they have been fine and with no condensation problems. It was suggested that all parties working on the window project could collaborate.

Giny Landgreen reported that the Management Committee will be highlighting several of the new user friendly rules for the bulletin board in up-coming months. Where someone is out of compliance they will receive a letter from BMC with a copy going to Dixie as the first step. BMC is working on updating the roster so that Dixie and the Board know the identity of people living in the building. Also there is a safety handout (fire and earthquake) in process.


Kieran Walsh made a motion to accept the yard maintenance contract presented by BMC. The discussion was tabled until January.

Rob Bennett recommended that we move to leasing washing machines from Coin Meter. The company is currently doing our repair work. A motion to accept the contract was made and it was voted unanimously to accept the contract offer.


The Board reviewed the recent contract with Waste Management.

The area is picked up and in fine order.

There have been requests for a recycling bin that is easier to access.

Harvey and Price will be here on Thursday, December 22, to fix hot water in the 03 stack.

BMC is moving forward on repair of water damage issues to units (in waiting).

There are three bids for a new security system being considered.

BMC recommended hiring an engineer, Mark Richards, to investigate the leaks in the parking garage. The Board approved this expenditure.

These minutes will be reviewed for approval at the next Board meeting, January 23rd at 7:00 pm.

The annual Meeting and February Board Meeting will be on Febrruary 27th at 7:00 pm

Recording Secretary: Giny Landgreen

Joanne Gulsvig
Approved _____date