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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Minutes:

November 21, 2005, 7 pm

Board members present: Joanne Gulsvig, Chair; Dorothy Quirk, Treasurer, Richard Lowen, Kieran Walsh

Bennett Manaagement: Rob Bennett, Berenice Yoder

Association members present: Bob Huntley, John Rose, Paula Rogers, Ardemis Walsh , Bill Ayres, Joan McCornack, Bob Bennett, Benton Elliott, Mary Erbaugh, Jim Derby, Dick Kraus, Giny Landgreen, Nancy Bessonette

Guest, Tom West, EWEB

Joanne Gulsvig, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Introductions were made.

Tom West, one of EWEB’s energy consultants for residential efficiency, presented some ideas for partially subsidizing the cost for windows and thermostats.

To update the windows, there would be some zero interest loans available for residents. He recommended starting to get bids for different aspects of caring for our windows. Some of the problems are: perceived danger with windows that have been replaced without true safety, condensation in many units.

Energy savings by replacing windows are slow to accrue. Savings can be had when the wall thermostats are changed to manual digital ($64.00 installed) or programmable ($90.00 installed) through EWEB and when temperatures are kept at 67 degrees or lower.

A committee will continue to look at this issue and step up the process of getting bids for different aspects.


Benton Elliiott: Could we drop off association dues at the WT office? WE ARE NOT PERMITTED TO DO THIS BECAUSE OF OUR INSURANCE.

Are we changing the code to the parking structure after each tenant moves out? YES, WE ARE NOW.

Nancy Bessonette: I have complained to Dixie about several issues and there is no change. Are we sending letters out to owners? BENNETT MANAGEMENT WILL FOLLOW UP ON THIS.

Jim Derby: The back door for the fire escape doesn’t close all the way. WE HAVE CORRECTED THIS SEVERAL TIMES AND WE WILL LOOK AT IT AGAIN. Does Dixie have information about available parking spaces to rent- I am looking for one. YES. Great Job to the Board for all that has been accomplished of late! Paula Rogers: The 03 stack is not getting hot water. WE WILL LOOK INTO THIS AND CHECK THE RECIRCULATING PUMPS ON THE 12th FLOOR.

Jeff Newcomb (by letter): I am living in unit 804. My parking space is #46 and the water is above my shoes. WE WILL CHECK THIS IMMEDIATELY. THE PARKING STRUCTURE IS ON THE AGENDA TONIGHT.


The Board approved BMC’s request to waive a $9.00 late fee for unit 1304.

Paula Rogers requested that the October minutes be changed to reflect her statement about the increase in association fees for the “second to the last increase” and not the “last“ increase. The minutes were then approved and accepted.

Dorothy Quirk presented the financial report. Cash received: $19,489.17, outgoing $19,491.85, current assets $115,927.36, reserves $109,068.24.


The Board will study what needs to be done with the parking structure. Kieran suggested having a concrete person look at the garage and see what it needs. Rob Bennett suggested that we call the City of Eugene. They have the most experience in this and may be able to give us references for contractors.

We last spent $4,875.00 to patch and fill cracks. Removing the surface will be costly.


Various practices and solutions were discussed. Only double pane glass keeps out condensation. There are reports of problems with condensation on both East and West facing units. Ardemis Walsh volunteered to call owners and survey how we might proceed. A letter will be going out to owners about safety checks and issues.


A motion was made and approved to have ATEZ work on the asbestos problems and BMC work on reconstruction for units 1103 and 1304. Unit 1202 will get the damage report to Bennett and they will further discuss what needs to happen to that unit’s water damages.


John Rose presented the status of the final roof details. The roofers did present the sketch as requested and required but left out the method of attachment. John will work up a letter for the Board to send with the 4 closeout points that remain to be addressed by Umpqua. This letter will go to Carlisle Roofing and Umpqua.

John asked that the Board approve $100 for labor and $150 for pavers for Hani to complete final phases of the landscaping committee’s plan. The trees have been planted, the hedge removed and plants have been purchased to replace the hedge. Hani has done extensive pruning. Hani recommends some transplanting of rhodys. A motion was accepted and passed to proceed on all items through #32 in John’s report.


More bids are coming in to discuss later the move from a key to a card lock entry system.

The Board approved BMC managing the rental of unit 206 for a 10% fee.

The Board approved trying Waste Management for our garbage challenges. This will begin December 1st.

The Board is looking at BMC’s bid for the contract for groundwork and landscaping.

These minutes will be reviewed for approval at the next Board meeting – December 19th at 7:00 pm.

Recording Secretary: Giny Landgreen Secretary:

Joanne Gulsvig

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