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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Minutes

September 19, 2005

Board Members present: Joanne Gulsvig, Chair; Dorothy Quirk, Treasurer, Kieran Walsh, Bill Castle, Richard Lowen, Giny Landgreen, Recording Secretary

Bennett Management: Rob Bennett; Berenice Yoder

Association Members Present: Nancy Bessonette, Pauline Randall, Janet Gicker, Dick Kraus, Yuan Hopkins, Russell Becker, Mary Erbaugh, John Rose, Ward Shannon, Marge Catha, Joan McCormack, Lourdes Marte, Bob Huntley, Ardemis Walsh, Richard Rondear, Paula Rogers, Curtis Sexton, Evan Gammon, Bill Ayres, Mike Sexton, Esther Erford, Jim Derby, Benton Elliott


Jim Derby suggested speaking to John Hires, the director of Sanipac. The recycling is totally inadequate. It is difficult to reach. It may cost more to do the job. The condition of the carpet in front of the elevators is miserable. We need signage at the North door to keep people from parking there and creating a safety hazard.

Nancy Bessonette wants BMC to do more regarding the safety and security incidents in the building. Cleaning of the building is not adequate. A special thanks to Mary Erbaugh and John Rose for all of the work toward the roof project. Their help was essential to the completion of this much needed building improvement.

Benton Elliott wants the Association to look into earthquake insurance. The garage is leaking water. Repair of this should be part of the Reserve Study. Is it wise to pressure wash the building and paint two years later?

Marge Catha has made a sign to post in the North garden to alert pet owners keep pets out.

Joan McCornack proposes that the Board write a letter to thank Hani for his work in the North garden.

Curtis Sexton offered to take the Board on a “walk through” with the instruction manual on how the gate works. This is in the interest of completion of the gate project. He suggests setting a goal of 100% owner-occupied units for a target date in the future. Our population is so transient that we cannot know who our neighbors are. He suggested a new lock system for all of the locker room doors and checking out the locker room key from Dixie to secure that area.

Lourdes Marte reported someone sleeping in the public downstairs bathroom. She suggested background checks on all of the renters.

MINUTES of the August 8th meeting

were approved and accepted.


was presented. Current assets are $152,922.67. A motion to file a lien against the unit which is for sale but which has not paid dues plus assessment was moved and accepted.

RICHARD LOWEN’S request for approval by the Board for remodeling of his unit by a licensed and bonded contractor was accepted.

A motion to accept the RESERVE STUDY REPORT was moved and accepted. This would be reviewed annually. Changes based on income and expenses would be made.

The Board made a motion, which was accepted, to designate ROB BENNETT as the primary contact for our attorney, Joshua Clark.


John Rose, for the Maintenance Committee, reported on the wrap up details of the roof project. There exists some damage to units. Umpqua Roofing will send a painter to view the damage and plan corrections.

Giny Landgreen, for the Management Committee, recommended that we have an association meeting at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting to vote to approve changes in the Rules and Regulations that will make them easier to read and enforce. The committee also recommended enclosing a draft of the revised rules (with cover letter to explain) with the minutes that go out to owners. The committee would be soliciting comments through October 10th.


Rob Bennett appreciates that the Reserve Study was accepted by the Board and would have recommended that action.

They will be looking at appropriate pay rate and job performance by current employees and contract workers.


  • There was an incident report posted on the bulletin board listing a serious crime spike in the building.

The Board approved putting a deadbolt on the locker room and limiting use to when Dixie is here as a temporary way to secure that space. Similar measures will be taken on the downstairs commercial bathroom.

A neighborhood watch team will be formed.

A new key/card system, a video camera security system, additional lights, and the possibility of a security service are all being considered and discussed by the Board.

The Board will look into the file on what’s been done and what can be done about the roach problem.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

These minutes will be reviewed for approval at the next Board meeting – October 17th at 7:00 pm.

Minutes prepareds by Giny Landgreen