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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Minutes:

January 24, 2006 7:00 pm

Board Members present: Joanne Gulsvig, Chair; Dorothy Quirk, Treasurer; Kieran Walsh, Bill Castle, and Richard Lowen

BMC: Rob Bennett, Berenice Yoder

Association Members present: Nancy Bessonette, Ken Guzowski, Evan Gammon, Dick Kraus, Marc Levy, John Rose, Mary Erbaugh, Sue Dewitt, Giny Landgreen, Paula Rogers, Kathy Miller, Ardemis Walsh

Joanne Gulsvig, Chair, called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. Introductions were made.


Nancy Bessonette requested that something be done about the dingy and dirty appearance of the building. She commented on the cost of using RECALLS of the Board as a huge and ineffective way to bring about improvement and change.

Paula Rogers stated that the 03 stack still does not have ready hot water. The response was that Harvey and Price are looking into this and we await their evaluation and pricing. They are working with Robert Yoder of BMC.

Giny Landgreen reminded that it is extremely important that we do not allow people to enter the building who do not have keys. They need to be buzzed in. It defeats our security system to just allow a stranger to come into the building.

Ken Guzowski offered thanks to this Board for all of the work that they are doing and the progress that has been made bringing Bennet Management into the operating of the building. He agreed that something needed to change in the upkeep of the general cleanliness of the building.

Marc Levy wondered if BMC (Bennett Management) should be taking more initiative on all of the business at Willamette Towers. Rob Bennett clarified the difference inherent in managing an association of owners as contrasted to managing a rental building.

In our case a Board represents us. We have a say through committees and through the Board. Our agenda is presented to BMC in a collective form. They do not deal with individual owners in general but with the elected representatives or the committee volunteers.

Rob Bennett reported that the bids are in for the janitorial contract and they will be moving ahead on this.


Dorothy Quirk gave the treasurers report.

The Board approved putting a lien on the owner where there are dues and part of the assessment unpaid.

We will be switching to a company who will replace our washers and dryers. They will oversee the maintenance of these and collect the coin operated machines. There will be an increase in the cost of using the machine. There will be an additional charge for using hot water, which will save energy for the building.

THE 2006 OPERATING BUDGET WAS APPROVED AND ACCEPTED. This will go out to the owners before the annual Meeting on February 27th.

THE BOARD ACCEPTED THE YARD MAINTENANCE CONTRACT FROM BENNETT MANAGEMENT. Of the three bids submitted it was seen as the most desirable because of accessibility and accountability.

THE BOARD ACCEPTED A BID FOR A NEW SECURITY SYSTEM with the terms of the contract still in negotiation. This would be a bar code system on a plastic card. There would be additional security with this system. It also could be expanded in the future. It would control entry through all doors from the outside, the storage lockers, and the laundry room. It will be the owner’s responsibility to get new cards to their renters.

Giny Landgreen reported from the Management Committee:

  1. There will be signs in the front of the building to clearly state that smoking is not permitted
  2. Updating the front of the common areas on the first floor will begin with a five year plan generated with the help of an interior designer.
  3. We need a Bicycle Committee to present ideas to the Board for additional storage and security of bikes. A first step might be to identify abandoned bikes that are taking spaces in the current bike rack
  4. Trash barrels in the downstairs parking will be removed
  5. The committee strongly supports the proposed card entry system for safety and security in the building
  6. Letters will be sent to owners who are not in compliance with the rules that have been distributed to owners and residents, and
  7. The next meeting of the committee will clarify the committee’s role as it relates to management.

John Rose reported that the Landscaping for the South end of the building is nearly completed.

LincolnManor apartments has been unresponsive about the problem with their downspout and this problem is not yet resolved.

John also reported on the final phase of the Roof project. He has submitted an 8-point letter to Umpqua Roofing to finish up details. There is a request for 48 hours notice to check #1304. John made a request for a new roof ladder.

BMC will check the water problem on the 4th floor.

Ardemis Walsh reported that there are quite a few owners interested in window replacement. She has one bid from Progressive Exteriors and will seek two others. There will be a meeting for all interested and a representative will come to answer questions.

Ken Guzowski reported that this building has historic architectural features. Especially significant is the window design. Altering them without very careful consideration to this could devalue your property and affect the structural integrity of the building. He will report back with more information on our historic elements.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm

These minutes will be reviewed for approval at the next meeting – Monday, February 27th at 7:00pm.

Minutes prepared by Giny Landgreen.