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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting Minutes


Board: David Ghelfi, Tyler Burgess, Rick Lowen

BMC: Rob Bennett, Beernice Yoder, Dixie Bradley

Others: Joanne Gulsvig, Shawn Bratner, Linda DeAngelo, Rick DeAngelo, Jeanne-Marie Moore.

Approval of Minutes from 3-18 2008 meeting.

Changed sentence that states “all units will show Bennett Management as Insurer” to “all units will show Willamette Towers as additional Insured”.

Approved with change, 3-0.

Financial Report:

Beginning balance of $10430.06, $23667.30 in receipts, expenses of $29503.04, leaving an ending balance of $4594.32. Approved 3-0.

Architecture & Design Committee:

Would like to bring the lobby area back to it’s original style, but with a modern flair. They ask permission to explore behind the existing murals. Approved 3-0.

Bylaws Committee:

Re-submittal of Declaration vote will happen in May. Final By-Laws still needs some last tweaks and will be mailed out in May too.

Management Committee:

Recommends that the Treasurer look at our monthly invoices that go through BMC; that we have an audit every two years; have a single Board member make all contact with the management company and that all official contact be in writing; and that the Board either enforce the current By-Laws or change them

The Management Committee is disbanding and going inactive.

Maintenance Committee:

Air conditioners have been inspected. The committee recommends replacing all but two in Mia Bella Salon. BMC will get quotes on replacements.

There is debris on top of some of the storage lockers. Dixie will determine who uses said lockers and warn them to remove before we throw out the debris.

BMC needs to schedule safety painting of garage stairs.

BMC will inspect the standing water problem on the Portico and make recommendations.

Sludge drain at Mia Bella needs to be snaked. BMC will schedule. Recommend writing this maintenance into their lease.

BMC will also look into the repair on 13th floor North drain.

The Board will put together a list of periodic maintenance for BMC to enter into their schedules.

Green Committee & Website Committee:


  1. Replace 4 of our top loading washers with front loading washers
  2. that they be Energy Star compliant, and turn at a minimum 1000 RPMs
  3. dryers reprogrammed with a half hour option that for an additional $0.25 can be upgraded to a 45 minute dry.
  4. turn our hot water down 5 degrees

All recommendations Approved 3-0.

BMC Report:

Unit on 2nd floor causing Common Areas to smell badly of cigarette smoke. BMC to investigate.

New Business:

Board to investigate better method for hanging Elevator Pads.

Board asks BMC to develop a Move In/Move Out notification system for the Board so that we can better monitor this activity.

Board approves April newsletter. Approved 3-0.

Tyler will create a form for information gathering whenever someone is injured or acting disoriented or showing signs of dementia on the grounds.

Old Business:

Board gives permission for the HOA’s insurance company to continue settling Janine David’s claim.

Righway Plumbing to begin repair on Lowen/David tub leak.

Board to buy cigarette disposal canister Approved 3-0.

Board approves Queer Resources request to paint their logo on their door. Approved 3-0.

Board approves Bratner request for spring water shut off for May 16th plumbing work. Approved 3-0.

Board approves DeAngelos request to remodel their property. Approved 3-0.

Board approved Gulsvig request to paint her terrace. Approved 3-0.

Board approves Moore request for Variance to relieve her Guide Dog on the bark dusted areas in the east yard. Approved 3-0.

Board gives permission for BMC to hire consultant on parking garage problem.

Board will address the issue of unapproved screens doors in the near future.