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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors General Meeting

Willamette Towers Board Meeting Minutes


Board Members: David Ghelfi, Tyler Burgess, Rick Lowen,

BMC: Berenice Yoder, Dixie Bradley

Others: Ken Guzowski, Jeanne Marie Moore, Pat Lynch, Tina Behnke, Yuan Hopkins

Approval of Minutes from 6-17-2008 meeting.

Approved 3-0.

Financial Report:

Our starting balance was $10420.38, and ending was $10477.30. We’re on or better than budget as far as Utilities costs.

There is a single Owner who is significantly behind on assessments. Richard Lowen has spoken to the Owner, who assures us that they will pay as soon as some investments pay off. The Board is going to send a letter anyway that requests that payment be received by August 1st, in order to prevent Lien proceedings from beginning. Bernice will draft this letter.

There are three other owners who are a couple of months behind as well, and Richard will speak to them about this problem.

We purchased the additional CD’s, renewed others and transferred funds from Money Market accounts as approved at the last month’s Board meeting. Approved 3-0.

BMC Report:

Two incident reports.

  • The first one indicated that the security gate was not working. BMC came and repaired the same day.
  • The other indicated that someone was smoking on one of the balconies. Dixie spoke to the accused, who denied the activity.

There is still non-compliance concerning Background Checks and Lease Agreements. The Board would like to see this regulation complied with, and places the burden with BMC.

The Excel spreadsheet that records the Owner/Tenant data is not up to date. Gathering info on storage lockers will begin the following Monday.

Maintenance Committee:

The ivy along the back alley that is climbing the garage will be cut down this coming week, on the same day as the bark is delivered for the remaining areas of the property.

We need to work on a storage space for the Bollards. They’re currently being leaned up against the building, which causes damage. David will investigate fixes.

Elevator still needs touch up painting. BMC will paint once the elevator pad hanger is completed (next week or so).

Old Business:

Braille samples should be available in a couple weeks.

David & Rick met with Mark Richards (Architect) about parking garage repairs. They delivered a Scope of Work and assessment document. They are approved to prepare a full proposal by the board.

Approved 3-0.

New Business:

We have received two bids on the painting of the garage structure.

The first, from Travis Zook was brief and was for $19400.00.

The second was detailed and was from Mr. Goodbrush for $13340.00.

The Board accepted the bid from Mr. Goodbrush.

Approved 3-0.

Lane County Glass delivered a bid for $2285.00 to replace the windows that were recently vandalized. The Board accepts this bid. Approved 3-0.

Upon reflection, the Board has changed the Air Conditioner Installation Policy to remove the option of having a WT representative approve the installation, thus limiting the approval to a Licensed, Bonded Contractor.

Comments from Members:

Marci Beard requests approval to begin standard remodeling work on her new unit. Approved 3-0.

Jeanne Marie Moore advises that Lane County Glass is very expensive, and that it would be in our best interests to get additional bids on the glass repairs. She also asks to install a screen door. The Board will take both of these into consideration.

The grass along the back (east) isn’t being watered. Dixie to look into this.

David M. Ghelfi S ecretary, WT Board of Directors