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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors General Meeting

Willamette Towers Board Meeting Minutes


Board Members: David Ghelfi, Tyler Burgess, Rick Lowen

Staff: Dixie Bradley

Others: Joanne Gulsvig, Ken Guzowski, Marla Lowen, Joan Gulsvig, Yuan Hopkins & Jeff Ryder.

Approval of Minutes from 5-20-2008 meeting. Approved 3-0.

Financial Report:

On budget. We have one unit that has made no payments since March. They have been sent late payment notifications monthly. Rick asked BMC if they knew of any issues with the owner and they didn’t. The owner is currently $1300.00 behind. Rick will ask that Bernice get a letter out that sites the By-Laws and requests that they bring their account up to date. The 2007 Special Assessment came due on 5-31-08. As of the meeting, only 5 people are late, with a total of $2600.00 due.

We have two CD’s coming due at the end of the month. Rick recommends that we take these two CD’s and put them into two nine month CD’s. Also take $30,000.00 from out Money market account at Smith Barney and put it into a 12 month CD. These CD’s will have rates of approximately 3.5% each. Thus we get the highest return with the least commitment.

Approved 3-0.

Green Committee: 9 recommendations:

  1. Locker Room and Laundry Room overhead heaters should be disconnected to ensure they aren’t heating these areas.
  2. All hallway heaters should be removed for the same reason.
  3. The new air conditioners that are going into the rental shops be Energy Star. There is a new type that heats too, and EWEB is currently offering a $100 rebate. They are 42” in diameter.
  4. Stair/Hall lights, replace with low energy bulbs. Rebate $2.00 per bulb from EWEB.
  5. EEC room, janitor closets and trash room lights need to be replaced with low energy bulbs.
  6. Elevator Lights: Replace bulbs with low energy bulbs.
  7. All but three of our EXIT signs including the garage EXIT light need to be replaced with high efficiency fixtures. EWEB has rebate money for this too.
  8. The Garage lights are high pressure sodium at 150 watts each and are high energy users. Replace with high performance T-8 fixtures at 50 watts each.
  9. Install motion sensors to trigger lighting in Locker, Public restrooms, and Garbage rooms. There are rebates here too.

EWEB came to the building and assessed our energy usage. Our boiler is the biggest consumer. Going with a gas boiler would save a lot of money in the future.

The Board votes to have BMC work with the Green Committee on determining costs and return on investment in implementing these recommendations. Approved 3-0.

The committee has also determined that solar panels aren’t currently feasible.

Maintenance Committee:

Developed a checklist for new management company. We need more people on this committee!!! Please contact David Ghelfi if you would like to participate.

There is spotting on the back lawn. Is it due to insects, or the dog urinating there? The Board asks BMC to work on this and talk to the landscape maintenance company on this.

The trees in the alley have been cut back and look better. BMC will work on their maintenance.

BMC Report:

Smoke alarm on 12 was out and has been fixed.

On May 21st an owner witnessed someone climbing the wall in the parking lot and begin going through cars. 911 was called, but by the time they arrived, the criminal had left.

Lane County Glass will be bidding on the repair of the front windows that have been etched.

Old Business:

The new elevator pad had arrived.

The Braille sample supplied by Ms. Moore wasn’t approved, and David is pursuing more options.

Window washing will happen in July.

Old bikes that are unridable need to be removed from the bike rack in back. Dixie will talk to owners.

New Business:

IPMG will take over as the Management Company as of August 1st, 2008. They will be mailing out introductory letters and will be present at the August meeting.

The Board Meetings in July and August have been changed.

New dates are: Thursday 7/17/2008, and Thursday 8/14/2008.

Comments from Members:

Jeff Ryder has asked for clarification on what is allowed to be changed on windows. The board will investigate and have an answer at the July Meeting.

David M. Ghelfi

Secretary, WT Board of Directors