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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors General Meeting

Willamette Towers Board Meeting


Board Members: David Ghelfi, Tyler Burgess, Rick Lowen

BMC: Rob Bennett, Berenice Yoder, Dixie Bradley,

Others: Ester Comer, Kathy Miller, Janine David.

Approval of Minutes from 2-20 2008 meeting.

Changed sentence that states “all units will show Bennett Management as Insurer” to “all units will show Willamette Towers as Insured”. Approved with change, 3-0.

Financial Report:

Beginning balance of $6042.99, ending balance of $10430.06.

Assessment and rental income doing fine.

Reserves at $269900.25.

We have $39042.06 excess in our Operating Balance.

Do we apply this amount to our Reserves and reduce the 2008/2009 Special Assessment by this amount, thus keeping our Reserves on coarse while reducing Owners fees?

Approved 3-0.

The interest rate we’re getting at Smith & Barney is dropping, so we should transfer some funds around. We should keep $50000 in the Money Market, then take the remaining funds and divide them between six and nine month CD’s so we can get better rates without increasing our risk.

Approved 3-0.

Paid $1735.00 in Federal and State taxes; $833.00 to Lawyer for consulting on Bylaws and flood damage; paid $540.00 to CPA for preparing taxes.

Received bill from Overhead Door for repair of the front gate. We called them within the warranty period for the repair. They had problems getting out to the site with enough people to do the job. By the time that they completed the job, the warranty period had expired. They now are trying to bill us for the work. Bennett will argue our position and try to get the job covered under warranty.

Architecture & Design Committee:

The address sign on the portico is installed and looks great!

Bylaws Committee:

The committee gives BMC to ok to print and mail final revised copies to all of the owners. The committee will pursue a re-vote on the Declaration since the changes must pass for us to remain legal. The only reason it didn’t pass at the Annual Meeting was that it required 75% of the owners to pass. We had just over 50%.

Green Committee & Website Committee:

These groups are now forming. Anyone interested in the Green Committee contact Tyler, anyone interested on the Website Committee contact David.

BMC Report:

When Dixie is sick or is not coming in, an member of BMC will either come down and put a not on the office door, or will contact a resident Board Member to put the sign up.

Instead of providing proof of criminal background check and credit check, they’re submitting the Lease Agreement. This is not what we are asking for. From now on BMC will enforce this requirement.

In Dixie’s contract with BMC, she receives no Overtime. Propose paying her up to three hours per month for Board Meeting attendance. Approved 3-0.

Board needs to decide if they want a Property Manager, or just an office person. Right now we’re paying for an office person. If we pay for more, then we’ll get a lot more service from BMC.

Elevator pad has arrived. Board requests that the installation look good, and professional.

Incident Reports:

  • There have been cigarettes falling onto the westside balconies and the ledges higher up. BMC will write a letter to the offender.

Old Business:

Drain cleaning in front is almost done.

The westside awning has also had it’s top cleaned in this process.

Janine David only received a check for her unit #504, and not #704, when 704 was damaged too. David Flitton said that there was about $2000.00 coming to her, but that’s not what she got. Rick Lowen will follow up on this.

The Willamette Towers Newsletter is now available. It can be downloaded off the website, and Tyler will purchase a holder so that they can be stored near the bulletin board.

Tyler wants to change the Drain pipes in the laundry room from the existing 3” to 4”. Board will research this.

Tyler will also research where to find replacement circuit breakers since they’re obsolete.

The board is researching new trash/ash cans for both the north exit area, and the lower parking garage near the stairs.

Does the North Garden need special maintenance care? Is Epi qualified to do this? There is quite a lot of grass growing among the decorative moss.

The Architectural Committee recommended specific restrictions for unit doors in 2006. The existing Bylaws are less restrictive. This matter needs more debate.

Comments from Members:

Janine’s leaky tub is a Common Element problem and the Association shall get it repaired.

John Rose suggests that Owners look for swelling near their windows. This is caused by water seeping into the walls, and that the best time to get it repaired is while the access to the outdoors is available during the exterior painting and caulking this summer.