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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board of Directors General Meeting

Willamette Towers Board Meeting Minutes


Board Members: David Ghelfi, Tyler Burgess, Rick Lowen

BMC: Berenice Yoder, Dixie Bradley

Others: Joanne Gulsvig, Ken Guzowski, Marla Lowen, Pat & Marty Lynch, Jeanne-Marie Moore & John Rose.

Approval of Minutes from 4-15-2008 meeting.

Approved 3-0.

Financial Report:

Beginning balance of $10722.94. Are approximately 2% over budget due to higher than expected elevator repair expenses. Approved 3-0.

Green Committee: 6 recommendations:

  1. have our newsletter mailed to non-resident owners, then hand deliver within the building.
  2. use the WT office to host an informational meeting on Conservation in June.
  3. have Sanipac’s ‘Recycling Outside the Blue Box” brochure place into move in package.
  4. distribute Green Informational packet to each unit, will pick up any that are still at doors after two days.
  5. stop delivery of all ‘yellow page’ style books other than Qwest-Dex.
  6. that a laminated instruction sheet on Co-Mingle Recycling be place in each Garbage Room.

All recommendations Approved 3-0.

The Green Committee

has received a proposal from Solar Energy Design on installing solar panels on our roof There will be a presentation on this proposal in the WT Office on May 29th at 6:00 PM.

Architecture & Design Committee:

It appears that it’s going to be too late to get the building’s exterior painted this year. The committee recommends painting the parking structure this year instead, and then work on securing bids for exterior painting in 2009.

Bylaws Committee:

The committee is disbanding now that the By-Laws have been revised and passed. David Ghelfi will continue pursuing another vote on the Declaration.

Maintenance Committee:

the committee requests that BMC begin touch up painting of the Green on the elevators, and then schedule it to be done every six months.

BMC has been authorized to buy four new air conditioners. One for the Office, two for Mia Bella, and one for Q-Resources. This is in an effort obtain newer, energy efficient models, thus reducing expenses.

BMC Report

Dixie spoke to the owner of 205 about the cigarette smoke leaking out into the hallway. They purchased and installed new door seals. The hallway is still smelly, but we will observe if it gets better with the new seals.

BMC has written in the maintenance of the Sludge Drain into Mia Bella’s new lease contract.

The new front loading washers shall be installed after the changes to the lease agreement have been signed. This will happen ASAP. Also, all of the machines shall be changed over to $0.25/15 minutes.

BMC obtained bids for drain repair of the Portico. The Board votes to accept the bid. Approved 3-0.

BMC shall redesign the elevator pad hangers.

David Ghelfi & Rick Lowen shall meet with Mark Richards (engineering consultant) on both long and short term fixes for the parking structure’s drain system.

Old Business:

Ms. Moore will supply less expensive Braille samples to Dixie for evaluation. The Board will examine them and then make decision on installation.

The trees along the North Alley are to be cut to an even height, and Sandpiper Automotive will water them.

The new Smoke Stand shall be installed near the North Entrance.

New Business:

There is an Elevator Pad Transfer Form. It will be given out with the elevator pads. It allows for responsibility of the pads to be transferred from one owner to another, when there are multiple people needing them on a single day.

There is a new injury reporting form located in the office and out by the mail boxes.

All air conditioner installations must be done by licensed contractors, or be inspected by an authorized representative of the Management Company. Approved 3-0.

There has been a revision to the water shut off policy, reflecting the fact that our sprinklers are inspected once every five years and not yearly.

The Board would like to announce that as of August 1st, we will be changing Management Companies. The new company will be announced after all contracts have been signed.

Tyler Burgess will be hosting a Tea party for Mary Erbaugh, who is moving, on: Thursday June 5th at 4:00 at her home, unit #201. All are welcome.

David M. Ghelfi

Secretary, WT Board of Directors