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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board of Directors Meeting


Board Members: David Ghelfi, Tyler Burgess, Rick Lowen,

IPMG: Kim Kent, Rhonda Romero

Others: Esther Conner, Yuan Hopkins, Jeanne Marie Moore, Joanne Gulsvig, Marla Lowen and Ron Blanton.

Approval of Minutes from 8-18-2008 meeting.

Approved 3-0.

Financial Report:

Income in September was $17231.00, expenses were $19247.72. Added $18591.88 to Reserves. Assessments are on track and rental income is current as of 9/30/2008.

IPMG Report:

Five incident reports since last meeting.

  • Noise complaint about #1103. Warning letter sent to renters. IPMG told that they must also send a letter to the owner, as per the bylaws, whenever a renter is in violation.
  • Unit 1001 smoking on balcony. Warning letter sent to renters.
  • Unit 708 had their bike stolen from the lower parking garage.
  • On Friday, 10-17-2008 at about 11:00AM, someone climbed the wall and entered the upper parking garage. They entered a blue pick-up truck (#1006’s vehicle), and rifled through contents, then proceeded to try to gain entry via the locked east door, as well as the main south entrance. They were not successful. A tenant did call 911, but by the time the police arrived, the intruders had left.

Kim found the remains of marijuana in the lobby bathroom, as well as evidence of smoking.

A sign was hung in the bathroom reminding users that every time they enter, their FOB number is recorded, and that smoking of any kind is prohibited in the common areas. No further problems have been reported.

Mr. Goodbrush is putting a lien on a unit due to lack of payment.

Also Satori and Mia Bella’s leases have been up for many months. Tyler will check to see if we paid BMC to renegotiate these for us. Mia Bella’s is currently in negotiation.

Green Committee Report:

Delivered prioritized list of electrical upgrades to the Budget Committee.

Board ok’d the installation of motion detector controlled lighting in the storage lockers and public restrooms, as well as the change out of lights in the parking garage to more efficient bulbs, resulting in immediate savings. Due to budget restraints, the remaining electrical upgrades will be considered in the 2009 budget.

The replacement of our current full size recycling dumpsters with two smaller recycling dumpsters was voted on. Approved 3-0.

Budget Committee:

The Committee will try to keep assessments, maintenance, landscaping and utilities the same as 2008, while reducing expenses.

The Operating Budget will contribute $36000 to the Reserves.

As of September we’re $3000 under budget. Our accounting and legal fees to be cut in half and reduce office expenses from $3100 to $2400.

Old Business:

Replacing two of the last four top loading washing machines with front loaders in the laundry room.
Approved 3-0.

The September Member Gathering was a success. The Board will attempt to have another one in six months, possibly on back lawn.

New Business:

Mia Bella would like to install a new sign about 30’ up in the North wall of the complex. The Board acknowledges that they are good tenants and wants to work with them, but thinks that it is a bad area for such a sign, and will go back to Mia Bella with alternate options.

Bids were obtained for pest control (cockroaches) for the building. The bid gives options for a building wide projects as well as pricing for tenants on an individual unit basis. The Board asks IPMG to obtain two additional bids before the next meeting in November.

The Board asks IPMG to obtain bids for getting broadband for the Office, as well as looking over our Qwest bill to see if we will be affected by upcoming increases in cost.

Joanne Gulsvig has expressed concern over the safety of our windows. At least three have fallen out over the past two years. This is due to a small plastic retainer that allows the window to slide open in it’s frame. She would like to see the HOA pay for inspections of this piece, in an effort to limit our liability and keep the public as safe as possible. The Board shall consider this as soon as possible and obtain bids if necessary.

The “User Friendly Bylaws” are to have the sections referring to Background and Credit Checks and their associated fees removed, as it is contrary to the provisions in the Bylaws and is thus unenforceable.
Approved 3-0.

Those who would like to see these rules reinstated may lobby to have them voted into our Bylaws, as long as it does not conflict with Oregon Condominium Law.

David Ghelfi would like to see a sign installed near the stairs in the upper parking deck, indicating where contractors should park (in one of our visitor spots or on the street and not in one of the spots at the top of the stairs), plus a sign at the inside of the front door instructing people to

  • A. not move furniture in or out of this entry or block it open, and
  • B. not to let anyone in who you do not know.

David will come up with text and a mock up and present it at the next meeting for approval.

A Welcome Committee may be formed in order to give new tenants/owners a custom tour and full instructions on our Bylaws, rules and regulations.

David M. Ghelfi

Secretary, WT Board of Directors