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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting Minutes

January 20, 2009

Board Members: David Ghelfi, Tyler Burgess, Rick Lowen

IPMG: Casey Conley, Rhonda Romero

Others Present: Yuan Hopkins, Marcy Beard, Joan Gulsvig, Jeff Ryder

Approved Amended December Minutes.

Approved 3-0.


Financial Report:

Income was $26,259.34, and expenses were $16,480.27, with a net income of $9,779.07. We contributed $11,628.72 to our Reserves, leaving a net balance of $10,000.00 in or Operating Budget. Financial Report Approved 3-0.

IPMG Report:

Incident Reports:

  • Bike left in hallway on fifth floor, resolved. 1003’s tenant moved out improperly. The new tenant was informed of rules for moving in and out as a reminder.
  • Automatic lighting in north locker room problem resolved.
  • 1001’s tenant moved out improperly. Owner notified. Possible harassment issue between two tenants referred them to police.

Overhead Door says we need a new chain on back garage gate. Casey will arrange repair. Casey also worked on compliance of hallway doors. There are again many with posters and artwork mounted on them.

Old Business:

Security Cameras: received a revised bid from SAC. We are also getting bids from Omlid & Sweeney and Smeed.

Board approves Earth Pro’s bid as new landscaping company. Approved 3-0.

Tenant Leases: Almost all done. Ready by annual meeting.

New Business:

We need our drains snaked around building.

A committee is to be formed that will look at obtaining new signage throughout the inside and outside of the building.

The Board is asking for volunteers to for a short-term committee to evaluate the exterior painting and caulking bids.

Due to requests by owners, a copy of the minutes shall be placed on the bulletin board after their approval. Any owners who would like the minutes mailed to them can submit a request to Casey, and who will include them in the monthly mailing Otherwise, the minutes are to be posted at www.willamettetowers.com.


Jeff Ryder will lend assistance if needed in gathering information concerning computer wireless throughout the building.

Joan Gulsvig: concerning our exterior door policy, she recommends against being fuzzy with the regulations. It leads to trouble. She recommends enforcement as the bylaws specify, as it leads to less ambiguity and clearer regulations and expectations.

Marcia Beard: inquired about information concerning the parking structure project. She also has offered to lend her expertise in determining what colors should be used in the exterior painting of the building, as this is her profession.

David M. Ghelfi - Secretary, WT Board of Directors