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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 - 7:00 pm, WT Office/Lounge

Board Members Present: Tyler Burgess, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Kevin Biersdorff, Secretary; Marcy Beard, Board Member; (David Ghelfi, absent)

IPMG: Casey Conley, Rhonda Romero

Also Present: John Rose (1202), Joanne Gulsvig (202), and Ed Beach (507)

Comments from the membership:

Joanne noted that the dryers in the laundry were set too hot. The board reported that the dryers were tested by the vendor and were found to be working appropriately.

Mr. Beach reported, later in the meeting that the door closing mechanism on the door between lobby and the north hall was set in such a way that it was difficult for him to pass through. The board responded that the mechanism has been adjusted several times by the vendor that that it was minimally set to ensure closure. It was also noted that the access control has been successful in reducing unauthorized entries.

Minutes of last board meeting (June 23rd) were approved


IPMG Report

Casey noted that the new gates will be installed Friday the 31st with the work concluding the following day

Q Resources’ lease is up soon. They requested specific changes. The board moved to direct IPMG to execute a new lease at the same rate, but as a month-to-month tenancy, with a stipulation that either party could terminate the agreement with a 60 day notice.

Brothers Cleaning will be cleaning carpets August 28th to 31st.

IPMG is looking to enlist the services of a new plumber due to a lack of responsiveness on the part of the current plumbing contractor.

A large limb fell from one of the trees on Lincoln Street, causing substantial damage to vehicle parked underneath it. There was speculation as to contributing factors such as the scaffolding or the previous night’s wind storm, or both. IMPG was instructed to consult with the City arborist.

Treasurer’s report

Rick reports that both income and expenses are tracking slightly above budget. [See attached].

The reserve account balances total approximately $472K.

Committee reports

Speaking on behalf of the Architectural Committee, John Rose asked for board direction on a sign to be placed on the north face of the building that would include tenant business names. (The current agreement with a tenant allows for a sign). The board moved to limit the HOA contribution to $3000, with any additional funds contributed by the tenants. The proposed location of the sign is shown below:

There was a general discussion about directing of work by the painting contractor. It was agreed that Marcy would coordinate with IPMG on tasks related to project and contract management.

Grounds Committee commented on vegetation growth in the alley. IPMG was directed to have it dealt with by the landscape contractor.


The Board approved the issuance of an electronic fob to UPS for access to the mail room.

The subject of security cameras came up. No action was taken.

The Green Committee reported that the new lights have been installed in the garage and response has been positive.

IPMG has agreed to collect and post notices of units for sale or rent. They receive requests regularly from the public about opportunities to live at WT.

The Board had an extended discussion on policies; these are highlights:

  • There was agreement that we can do a better job at documenting, collecting and disseminating board policy.
  • Many policies impact residents, but others serve as governance tools for the Board.
  • A new policy was proposed and approved regarding the rescheduling of Board meetings. Board meetings will not be rescheduled if one Board member is not able to attend, as long as there is a quorum (3 present). However one or more Board members may request a meeting schedule date at the previous board meeting.
  • The Board is working on a clearer policy with respect to requests made of IPMG. That has yet to be finalized.

It was understood that IPMG will not be requesting the 5% project management fee for the painting contract. Marcy will be coordinating tasks as mentioned earlier.

The Board considered a draft Committee Charter document that Kevin had distributed by email. The Board is interested in improving governance at the committee level as well as the board level, and will be circulating the draft document to committee members for input. (Also attached)

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting – August 18, 2009 4 5

See the attached pdf for a budget graph and a draft committee charter request.