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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 - 7:00 pm, WT Office/Lounge

Approved July 28, 2009

Board members present: Tyler Burgess, chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; David Ghelfi, member; Marcy Beard, member (Kevin Biersdorff – absent)

IPMG: Casey Conley, Rhonda Rhodes

Also, present: Joanne Gulsvig, Jeff Ryder, Ken Guzowski, Marty Lynch, John Rose, Curtis Kindrick (Overhead Door)

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Tyler Burgess.

The agenda order was changed in order to make time for Curtis Kindrick, representative from Overhead Door, to make a presentation to the board about the three proposals being considered for the replacement of the garage entry gate. These options are:

  1. Replace the existing gate, estimated cost $7,745
  2. Replace with a dual gate system, a separate gate for each ramp, estimated cost $9,954
  3. A sliding gate system similar to the exit gate, estimated cost $13,744.

Comments from the membership:

Member asked if the watering system in the back of the building was turned on. The grass is turning brown. The system needs to be working soon or grass and plants will be lost.

Member asked if there is a plan in place for plumbing replacement. Stressed that it is important that the board has solutions to avoid major inconveniences in the future.

The May 19, 2009 Board Minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report:

May monthly income $31,670.97, monthly expenses $14,674.66, net monthly income $16,96.31.

As of 6/22/09 there are still 7 members that have not completely paid the special assessment due 5/31/09.

It was requested that IPMG send overdue due notices and include late charge fees.

As of 5/31/09 a total of $49,599.56 has been placed in our reserves for 2009. Of that amount, $23,309.57 are special assessments, $10,000 represents the insurance reimbursement received, and $16,2889.99 is a portion of the $33,000 contribution from the operating budget for 2009.

Green Committee Report:

Joanne Gulsvig reported on the committee’s activity in June.

Casey Conley reviewed the status of the nine recommendations made by the committee. Most have been completed.

Rebate was received from EWEB for the installation of automatic switches on the lights in the locker rooms. The board approved the request from the committee to have notices sent to members that had expressed interest in low-flow toilets. It was determined that the association should not recommend a particular brand or dealer, but encourage owners to proceed with installation. The notices will be sent by Casey (IPMG) the board will supply the letter and the list of recipients.

The board approved the bid from Beacon Electric ($3,350) for the replacement of the lighting in the lower garage.

Welcome Committee: Report by David Ghelfi see attached document

IPMG Report:

Casey Conley reported on several items:

Tinting of the front doors for security would not work due to the night lighting.

Unit #206 (owned by the association) does not have low flow toilet

Incident reports
  • drunk driver in the parking garage;
  • cinder block stolen from the back of the building, police were notified;
  • water pressure issues reported by several residents

Bid ($8000) from Omlid & Sweeny for replacement of fire panel– this is first phase of replacement of fire alarm system recommended by Omlid & Sweeny following inspection. Board turned this over to the Grounds Committee for review and advise.

Architecture/Design Committee:

Presented bid ($1600) for additional exterior painting for the entrance portico and a portion of the entrance to the garage. Approved. Notices will be placed in the building about the exterior painting which will begin 7/6/09. The notices will also include information about potential caulking repairs and how owners can make these needs known the the workers as they are preparing the building for painting.

The committee also had received bids for removal of the awning on the front of the building. Following discussion the item was tabled.

Grounds Committee:

The committee recommended that the board proceed with the double gate option for the garage entry as it is the best of the options to help increase security. In additional to the $9954 bid for work for Overhead Door there would also be an additional cost for extra electrical work needed ($1200). Following discussion, a motion was made and seconded to proceed with this option. The motion was approved.

The committee will continue to work on security projects (fencing for garage & video camera for lobby) and repairs to the upper deck surface of the garage. Additional document attached.

The board discussed the potential project management fee that may be charged by IPMG for the exterior painting project. The exact responsibilities and duties that IPMG would have and the exact fee that would be charged was not determined.

Topic of commercial leases was tabled until a later time.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 21.

Meeting adjourned.