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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 - 7:00 pm, WT Office/Lounge

Board Members Present: Tyler Burgess, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Kevin Biersdorff, Secretary; David Ghelfi, Board Member; Marci Beard, Board Member

IPMG: Casey Conley, Rhonda Romero

Others Present: Ken Guzowski (1301), Esther Konop (1108), Pat & Marty Lynch (1105), Joanne Gulsvig (202)

Minutes of last board meeting (January 20th) were approved

Comments from the membership:

Pat and Marty made comment about noise on the night of March 15th and agreed to file a formal complaint against the offending tenant.


IPMG Report:

Casey reported that a hole had been cut in the second floor ceiling and that items were found in the ceiling area that indicated criminal activity. Those items were now in the keeping of IPMG and would be given to the Eugene Police Department (EPD).

Treasurer’s Report:

Rick noted that utilities costs exceeded projections in the previous 2 months; the insurance bill had been paid; there were two outstanding delinquencies, both for dues and special assessments; corporation tax was significantly under budget; the books were closed for 2008; and current budget is on track.

Committee Reports:

David reported that the Welcome Committee had met on the 10th of March. They are working out operational details for the committee.

The Architectural Committee reported that they expected to receive five exterior painting bids, four from local companies. Only one had been received to date. There is an apparent issue related to the roof tie down anchors relative to engineering load constraints for scaffolding. The painting, once commenced, is expected to take approximately six weeks.

The board agreed to meet at a special off-cycle meeting to review bids if necessary.


Pest control bids were received to address the presence of termites in the south wall of the office building. The board moved to award the contract to Swanson Pest Control.

A number of emerging security issues were raised. Security cameras, fencing, Neighborhood Watch Programs, enlisting EPD in performing a security audit, and redeployment of a fob-reader on the north lobby door were discussed.

The board directed IPMG to proceed with a plan to reduce the number of extant fobs and improve the monitoring of access via fobs by unauthorized miscreants.

The board also moved that the Grounds Committee be recommissioned to include purview over security issues. The newly formed committee will be called the Grounds and Security Committee and David and Ken will be looking for additional members to join them in serving.

Finally, the board discussed the controversial issue of screen doors and will be looking to bring current practices into compliance with the bylaws. Currently, screen doors are non-compliant if tenants do not have written permission from the board for their installation. [7.2 (d) Unit owners may not change the appearance of the common elements or the exterior appearance of a unit without permission of the board of directors].