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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 - 7:00 pm, WT Office/Lounge

Board Members: Tyler Burgess, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Kevin Biersdorff, Secretary; Marcy Beard, Member; David Ghelfi, Member

IPMG: Casey Conley, Rhonda Romero

Also Present: Laura Romeyn (708), Joanne Gulsvig (202), Jeanne Marie (203), John Rose (1202)

Comments from the membership:

Jeane Marie commented on her perception of increasing interpersonal conflict. She says she has solution for lobby door – she suggested that the closer be taken off of the door. She also recommended creating an education campaign to explain why the door exists.

Laura had a question about the bulletin board – 2 of 3 notices she has put up have been taken off. She also suggested that WT have a social event every 6 months. This item was referred to the Welcome Committee. The Board is agreeable to the Welcome Committee getting assistance from Casey with the planning for any proposed socials.

The minutes of last Board meeting were approved.

IPMG Report:

Incident reports – One break-in after new gates were up in the lower level garage.

Positive comments on painting and carpet cleaning.

Some problems with keypad entry on gate.

Peculiarities with the eye sensors on gate.

Incident with an irate and vulgar tenant (lives with owner) written up by Casey.

Fire Marshall walk around. Recommendations:

  • Boiler room needs to be emptied out.
  • Need evacuation plan

There was a discussion about the bid for 2nd phase alarm installations to each unit on each floor. There is uncertainty about actual code requirement. E.g., what are required decibel levels at what locations? Is alarm required in each unit regardless of the decibel level? (IPMG was delegated responsibility for researching the requirements.) Is the lobby/north hall door a fire exit? Needs ruling from the permit center. May require building plans that shows the purpose of the door when the building was constructed. Ken G. to be consulted re plans.

No news on the recruitment of a new plumber.

Reported on discussion with commercial tenants about signage.

Treasurer’s Report:

Report was forwarded late and there is no report this month.

Committee Reports

The Budget Committee

met early September. Rick reported on the development of pro-forma financial requirements relative to the reserve study.

Possible purchase of some inexpensive software to do the work that has customarily been done by consultants.

Revenues are tracking as expected. Expenses are slightly ahead of schedule due to several pre-paid cyclical installments.

There was a discussion about a process by which the budget committee reviews committee proposals for 2010 expenditures and recommend which projects to pursue within the budgetary constraints. Committees would be expected to provide high-level cost estimates and project benefits.

Welcome Committee

did not meet in the past month. David is resigning from this committee as well as BGS committee for the foreseeable future.

The Architectural Committee

proposed 2010 action requests, but did not meet in the past month.

Building/Grounds/Security (BSG) Committee

proposed 2010 action requests. They performed a recent walk-through the entire building and grounds. The Board decided that no additional screen doors will be allowed. Those that exist now will need to be removed prior to the sale of the unit.

Green Committee

member Joanne reported on some lighting issues. Seeking approval for distribution of a leaflet for all residents concerning what can be and not be placed in the garbage rooms. To be put on residents’ doors. The Green Committee will coordinate getting additional info to new residents through the Welcome Committee.

Old Business

Review IPMG management assistant position description Board will meet Thursday Sept 24th 7:00pm

Security cameras. Status report and possible decision BGS committee will get further bids on low-end systems and return to the board with a recommendation

Receipt and disposition of Committee charters to be back with any proposed edits by the October board meeting.

Disposition of the policy repository - Rick has begun work on reviewing past minutes and collating board policy decisions. Most of the policies are documented in the User-Friendly Bylaws.

New Business

Will there be a WT social this year? Deferred to the Welcome Committee.

A means by which third-parties can obtain access to WT insurance and bonding documentation will be resolved by IPMG.

Review action items

Board will meet Thursday 24th in executive session

Kevin to email draft charter to Casey et al.

Rick to continue looking into policy documentation.