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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - 7:00 pm, WT Office/Lounge

Board Members Present: Tyler Burgess, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Marcy Beard, Member; David Ghelfi, Member; Ofer Raban, Secretary

IMPG: Casey Conley and Rhonda Romero

Others Present: Dave Lottier, Doug Beauchamp, Joanne Gulsvig, and Laura Romeyn, minutes recorder at this meeting

Comments from Members

Dave Lottier raised a concern about (the landscaper’s) dustblowers moving particulate into the parking structure and possibly being detrimental to auto finishes. He also referred to the noise level and the frequency and length of time involved in the blower’s use. These concerns will be addressed during upcoming landscaping and grounds care discussions.

Ofer Raban questioned the policy of every resident being assessed cable fees regardless of cable use. He suggested there might be another way of assessment that would depend on usage. Tyler noted that the cable service includes Comcast internet connection for those that (subscribe to) can use it.

Doug Beauchamp, new owner, expressed thanks and appreciation to the Board for the financial reserves implementation and also for the general upkeep evident at WT. He asked what could be done regarding a stain on the 6th floor carpet; Casey will contact cleaner(s) for spot removal estimate.

Rhonda Romero noted an Office ceiling leak, evidently from a second floor patio.

Approval of Minutes

Both January and March’s meeting minutes were approved.

Election of New Board Member

The Board voted to approve the (appointment) election of Ofer Raban as Board Secretary. Mr. Raban stepped into his duties immediately at the meeting.



Reserve balances presented by Rick Lowen were noted and accepted.

IPMG items presented by Casey:

  • Ongoing carpet cleaning issues and research
  • Assistance with an owner’s screen door
  • Otis Elevator Co. examined the bottom of the elevator shafts and noted extreme fire danger posed by cigarette butts being dropped into space beneath elevators. Large balls of lint, miscellaneous paper, and other waste materials are accumulating there and could be ignited by a hot cigarette. IPMG will publish a letter regarding this situation.

Incident reports were discussed.

Tyler noted that she is soliciting bids for No Smoking signs, (door numbers) and possibly Loading/Unloading and other signage that may need updating. She will work with the Architecture committee on this.

Repair of several inoperable fire alarms will be commenced soon.

Bids for resurfacing the parking structure, surveillance cameras, landscaping, and irrigation improvements were discussed. The Board accepted Casey?s recommendation to contract with Glenn Landscaping (I think it was Orden, but don’t have the name).

Irrigation issues and recommendations will be forwarded to the Architecture committee. (The remaining items are included in “Old Business” below.)

Research is continuing on thermostat and heating in Office.

Casey requested inquiries regarding the janitor’s duties be referred to her.

Green Committee

Joanne Gulsvig reported progress on a light-replacement project by the Green committee for the commercial areas of the building (not including the WT Office) that will begin after the jobs get state approval.

Clarification is needed on the costs involved and the exact number of Exit signs and/or lights that need replacing.

Joanne noted the distribution to units of “40 Ideas for Earth Day”. Tyler commented favorably on the Green ideas bulletin board display.

Grounds/Security Committee will be meeting soon.

Old Business

Security Cameras–The Board approved the purchase of a video surveillance system including a flat screen monitor, motion-initiated video for three exterior doors plus the lobby, with CD backup capability, from SurveillanceVideo.com. Bids will be sought for installation.

Parking structure resurfacing–Three bids for this project have been submitted. A dedicated meeting to discuss them will be held by the Board on April 28.

Quorum at annual meeting–We were lacking about 6-7 signatures during February’s meeting, and these will be requested of owners who did not attend or give a proxy in order that the 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes may be approved.

New Business

The front door is (now) working (properly). despite appropriate weatherstripping being unavailable due to the age of the door. The Architecture committee will address possible replacement. address issue of the loose lock or knob.

Notice of an upcoming “Walk Around” the building will be posted.