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Willamette Towers

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - WT Office

Board Members Present: Tyler Burgess, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Marcy Beard, Member; David Ghelfi, Member; Ofer Raban, Secretary

IPMG: Christine Kolen, Rhonda Romero, and Casey Conley

Others Present: Giny Landgreen, John Rose, Joanne Gulsvig, Paula Rogers, and Laura Romeyn

Comments from Members

Member requested that all owners including those residing away from WT receive detailed information of the upper parking renovation including costs. Member requested that owners be asked their preference for communications–email, other mode, or none.

Member suggested new door guidelines be included in newcomer packets.

Member stated that after being out of the country for some time, and having her HOA dues automatically debited from her bank account and sent to IPMG per prior agreement, she had just learned that those funds were applied to other balances IPMG believes are due, which caused her to be in arrears on dues. Ofer asked that a check for the amount of HOA dues paid but not received by WT be sent to WT.

Approval of Minutes -

July’s minutes were approved.



Rick noted that he will be gone during the time that final payment will be due on the parking structure project. The Board voted to authorize any Board member to give instructions to issue a check for WT purposes when necessary. Ofer will notarize the Article.

Tyler ascertained from Rhonda that members in arrears are contacted monthly.

Per the Board’s request, IPMG will ask a selling unit owner to verify in writing that money owed will be paid.

IPMG items presented by Christine:

A letter to an occupant was written about quiet hours in response to an Incident Report regarding late night noise.

The parking structure project will take approximately three more weeks. Engineer Mark Richards confirmed to Christine that an additional drain is needed to avoid puddles and freezing water. She will obtain documentation of the necessity for this change in plans. She has been told the drain will cost $2,900.

A new exit sign for the north end of the parking structure is arriving soon.

Satori Spa is requesting a hallway door sign. The Board approved this request providing the size and placement on door is similar to Mia Bella’s, in the interest of uniformity of signage.

A low-height warning bar will be installed for the lower parking entryway. One price quote has been received, and we are awaiting a second quote.

All members will be invited to give input at a meeting regarding the renewal of IPMG’s contract which was automatically renewed at the end of July. There is a 60 day period in which changes in terms may be made. Notices will be posted for a September 8 meeting at 7 pm. All Board members need a copy of the current contract.

Green Committee

The committee welcomed new member Sheila Decker to an August 11 meeting.

State rebates on the commercial areas lights were denied; the Board approved the request to cover the planned expense with budget monies and to have Christensen do the work.

It is thought the length of time the lights in the storage areas are staying on after the door closes may be as long as 30 minutes. The committee suggested this be checked and adjusted to 15 minutes.

Board approval was obtained for an evening presentation by EWEB on CFL bulb savings, disposal, etc. The committee will announce the date when set.

It appears that changing the exit lights may not be worthwhile: changing bulbs means discarding operable fixtures for new ones. The committee will talk again with the auditor.

Christine is handing out Green Packets to new residents; committee members will replenish the supply; reimbursement for green envelopes will come from petty cash.

Green Committee bulletin board displays in the coming months will emphasize electricity savings, followed by water conservation.

Their next meeting is September 9 at 5:30. Tyler thanked Joanne for her work.

Grounds/Security Committee

Items discussed pertaining to the committee’s walk-through included the following: the gardeners are allowing the tiny sprigs of ground cover to grow in the barked areas; possible power washing of the lower parking area including moss by the north entrance; a new, large carpet ordered for back door; 6th floor carpet stain being treated in September, and the consideration of a six month carpet cleaning schedule without it being automatic; some lockers are unusable due to latches inoperable or missing; making a list of scheduled repaint tasks; No Smoking and video monitoring advisory signs by the exit doors, placement and wording to be determined; and the paint bubbles in two areas.

New Business

Tyler spoke of the upcoming newsletter as a vehicle for large project costs/details being made known to all residents. Delivery options can be email, door delivery, or mail to nonresident owners.

Ofer requested that it be determined if 10-day notifications are required for changes in general policies or only for bylaws.

An ice-cream social will be held in the backyard on Sept. 14; time to be determined. Tyler will post invite in newsletter; Laura Romeyn will put announcements in public areas.

Rick said there is reserve money allocated for bathroom/kitchen fan/ventilation systems maintenance. Tyler requested IPMG look into professional consultation.

Letters will notify owners whose doors are not in good repair; Marcy will make a small amount of paint/stain available; IPMG has closet space available for it. Tyler suggested a meeting to discuss an amendment to bylaws specifying ways doors can be uniform.

David reported that there is warranty coverage for a faulty hard drive related to the camera system. Ofer suggested a policy for viewing tapes be set.