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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Meeting Minutes

Tuesday December 14, 2010

Board Members Present: David Ghelfi, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Tyler Burgess, Marcy Beard

IPMG: Christine Kolen and Casey Conley

Others Present: Esther Konop, Kevin Mauseth, Dan Solitz, Paula Rogers

Meeting was called to order.

Tyler Burgess announced her resignation as Board Chair.

David Ghelfi was elected to continue as Board Chair until the next annual meeting.

Comments from Members

Kevin Mauseth shared issues he has had with obtaining mortgage financing due to flood insurance requirements. Lenders are requiring individual owners to carry flood insurance because they do not consider the coverage carried by the Association to be adequate. He also mentioned that in the process of obtaining flood insurance he was told that FIMA is currently in the process of the reviewing the flood maps in Eugene and there is a possibility that Willamette Towers could be removed. The updated data is to be released in January. The board will follow up to find out if there is any change to our status.

Paula Rogers informed the Board that her entry door had been defaced by another unit owner who attempted to re-stain the door. Paula had not given anyone permission to do this and in fact had recently had the door re-finished after she had received a notice from the Board that maintenance on the door was required. David Ghelfi advised Paula that the Board reviewed the letter she had sent and had examined the door. Paula was told that the person who stained her door in the name of the HOA did so without authorization, and that her door now was not in compliance as a result of this action. Since sanding and re-staining the door is not an option due to previous sandings and the thickness of the veneer, Paula was told that the door would be replaced and she would be contacted at a later date.

Approval of Minutes

November meeting minutes were approved.



IPMG Trust account activity for November:

  • Opening Bal $100,896.31 (includes funds from reserves for garage repairs)
  • Total income $22,042.15
  • Total expense $127,529.43 (includes garage & payment for 2nd level deck repairs
  • From reserves $20,051.40
  • To reserves $5,40.43
  • Ending bal $10,000.00

Motion to approve 2011 budget approved (see attached)


Christine reported the following:

  • one noise complaint received
  • one more estimate for the maintenance of the ventilation system was received approx $16,000.00
  • The Eugene Fire Dept. is willing to come to the building for a fire/emergency demonstration. The Board would like to have this scheduled in the early spring.

Green Committee

EWEB meeting covering energy savings for unit owners is scheduled for January. Notices will be posted.

Grounds Committee

Tyler Burgess presented the Grounds/Security Committee report. See attached.

David Ghelfi requested that IPMG contact W.R Richards engineering company to review the parking structure to determine where any additional drains could be added. This had previously been planned, but has not yet been completed.

Architecture Committee

Marcy Beard reported that the committee is revisiting the suspended ceiling design and she is waiting for bids. Also, waiting to receive additional bids on the removal of the paneling. These bids should be received by next week and goal is to begin the project in mid January. Marcy submitted a request for partial payment for services in the amount of $750.00.

Old Business

Comcast Contract. The Board met Sunday, December 12, 2010, and voted to not authorize the signing of the contract that had been presented. Comcast was advised that even though Tyler Burgess had already signed the contract it was done without Board approval and it should be considered void. Comcast was advised that Ofer Raban represents the Board for continued negotiations. We anticipate completion by the end of the year.

New Security Cameras. David is still investigating.

Follow up letter to owners about door maintenance. One unit owner has not completed the required entry door maintenance. David Ghelfi will compose a letter to advise them of fine.

New Business

Laundry carts. Board discussed the topic and determined this was not something that we want to pursue at this time.

Financial reports. HOA financial reports are on file in the building office. Owners that wish to review these reports can do so during regular office hours. The board approved a motion to require written requests signed by two authorized board members for any disbursements made from the associations reserve accounts. This change will be made when Board Secretary, Ofer Raban returns to town.

Owners can request delivery of the Board meeting minutes via email by contacting Christine in the office. Christine will post a notice to remind owners that this is possible.

We are in need of new Board members for the next 2 year term. Notices will be posted.

Meeting adjourned.