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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board Minutes

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 - 7:00PM

WT Office/Lounge

Board Members Present: Tyler Burgess, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; David Ghelfi, Member

IPMG: Casey Conley, Rhonda Romero (IPMG)

Others present: Giny Landgreen, Joanne Gulsvig, Dan Solitz

Approval of January meeting’s minutes-

Tabled until next meeting


Treasurer’s Report-

2009 Taxes completed-no Federal Taxes due, State $150

IPMG Report:

Fire Department is scheduling a training day at the building. Casey will post notices once the date is set.

Window washing is scheduled for April 26. Approved bid for $6000.00 for extra cleaning process to remove paint from the windows.

Green Committee-

Joanne Gulsvig presented bids for replacement of lighting in the commercial rental spaces and lobby/office. The board approved the project except for the the lighting in the lobby. The lobby lighting will be taken under consideration during the lobby remodel project.

Grounds/Security committee-

Tyler review the maintenance walk around done last month. She supplied a list of items to IPMG that should be reviewed. She advised that a monthly maintenance walk around will be scheduled and the times would be posted in advance.

Old Business-

David Ghelfi that he was still working on getting an installer for the security camera system. The system will initially consist of 4 cameras that will cover the lobby and entrances on the main floor.

New Business

Rick Lowen requested that the process for getting bids for the repairs to the upper parking deck begin as soon as possible. It was agreed that he would contact the engineering firm that prepared the proposals to seek their advice on recommended contractors. He will supply this information to IPMG who will contact the firms for bids.

Meeting was adjourned.