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Willamette Towers

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010 - WT Office/Lounge

Board Members Present: Tyler Burgess, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Marcy Beard, Member; David Ghelfi, Member; Ofer Raban, Secretary

IPMG: Casey Conley and Rhonda Romero

Others Present: Elena Rae, Esther Konop, Douglas Beauchamp, Giny Landgreen, John Rose, Marty and Pat Lynch, Ardemis and Kieran Walsh, and Laura Romeyn, minutes recorder at this meeting.

Comments from Members

John Rose reported that work by The Plumbing Works increased his water pressure significantly. However, hot water availability remains a problem. Several other owners reported they had a similar problem; most of them, but not all, were in the “-02” condos. The Board requested that Casey contact Harvey & Price regarding knowledge of circulation pumps, building water system plans, etc. Secondarily, it was suggested that Mortier Engineering might work with the city to ascertain upgrades since original design.

Pat Lynch reported that Plumbing Works also performed excellent service for him, twice replacing a cartridge; they also found material that may have obstructed his pipes; he paid the bill and asked whether this would be a building responsibility.

Laura Romeyn suggested wording for a bulletin board informational notice.

Kieran Walsh inquired about the peeling paint on the north door; Tyler said repainting is planned. Kieran also suggested that John Rose’s artistic talents might be used in the design of an artful Lobby renovation.

In the interest of recycling and reusing, Elena Rae would like to share cardboard boxes; Tyler said a bulletin board notice is the way to spread the word on this type of sharing.

Douglas Beauchamp expressed gratefulness for the sixth floor carpet stain cleaning. He inquired about the whereabouts of regular maintenance schedules; Casey said anyone can check with her, and that the limited time frame dictates flexibility in following the schedule because of unexpected tasks requiring maintenance. Thirdly, Doug suggested offering John Rose a stipend if he does initial Lobby renovation design work.

Approval of minutes

April’s meeting minutes were approved.



Year-to-date income/expense figures were noted as being in line with annual planning. The report was approved.

IPMG items presented by Casey:

  • Laurel Hill, LLC, a knitting accessory shipping business, has signed a 2- year lease for the vacant commercial space.
  • In response to questions about peeling paint on the side garage area, the Mr. Goodbrush representative stated that due to temperature changes, periodic peel maintenance is to be expected and is not covered by warrantee. At this time, no further action is planned.
  • Police came to consult on May 18. It is each person’s responsibility to report a crime or something suspicious that they see. Call 911 immediately.

Green Committee:

Casey presented the report stating that reimbursement forms have been submitted to the state for steps taken in energy conservation; there will be a meeting with EWEB about Exit sign replacement; and some owners have replaced older interior electrical panels with newer which may be safer.

Grounds/Security Committee:

Tyler reported on a ‘walk-around’ the property she did with Joanne Gulsvig on May 3. Items of concern included weeding, a shabby backdoor carpet, painting of safety lights, doors needing touchups, and hallway signs. She has a bid for new fire exit signs for elevator areas.

David noted three drains in the back that need opening to prevent overflow and a motion detector by the back door that needs to be checked.

The Architectural Committee will discuss improving the door guidelines.

Architectural Committee

Rick reported that five members met and discussed ideas for new signage for floor and door numbers that will have architectural interest and be distinct to Willamette Towers.

Workable ideas for the north garden are still under discussion. Funds have been set aside for renewing the front and entry gardens by removing the cedar-like plants and either keeping a more open look, or putting in new small plants after consultation with landscapers. The large evergreen will remain, as will the rhododendron. Bids will be sought.

The committee supports Board movement to accept a bid by Glenn Landscape Services for irrigation upgrades and repair.

Lobby remodel will be the focus of a meeting for this project which will be of several months’ duration. An announcement will be posted to invite owner input.

Old Business

Casey reported the security cameras will be here May 19. David will advise Christenson Electric on placement.

Joanne Gulsvig and Tyler continue to work on annual meeting quorum action.

Separate meetings with companies bidding on the parking structure resurfacing are being planned. At least two representatives of WT will be at each meeting. Ofer offered to review the contracts offered and/or the bids.

New Business

Ofer proposes the Board find a way for owners not using cable television to be allowed to not pay fees in support of the Comcast bill. Comcast has told him that our existing contract may be renegotiated in February 2011. After long discussion, Tyler suggested Ofer continue to work on this topic and mentioned DIRECTV service as another option to consider.