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Willamette Towers

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - WT Office

Board Members Present: Tyler Burgess, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Ofer Raban, Secretary; Marcy Beard, Member; David Ghelfi, Member

IPMG: Christine Kolen

Others Present: Douglas Beauchamp, Joanne Gulsvig, Giny Landgreen, John Rose, Jeanne-Marie Moore, Dorothy Quirk, Dan Solitz, Laura Romeyn

Comments from Members

Member referenced the dividers on the terrace over the shops, and it was confirmed that the Association pays for these.

It was requested that monthly Board meeting minutes be in a central location accessible to all members and that they be sent to nonresident owners.

Member requested that copies of the monthly IPMG Owners’ Statement either be available in the WT office or sent to all members. Also, he requested the quarterly HOA financial spreadsheets be made available, as well.

Member requested an advance copy of the Board’s monthly agenda when it is known.

The Board is seeking a new minutes recorder for the monthly meeting. This job could be shared by 2 or 3 people who would rotate on a 4-6 month basis. Please contact Tyler, Laura, or Christine if interested.

Approval of Minutes

October meeting minutes were approved.



Rick reported details supporting the next budget with proposed income essentially the same as present, and with only a slight increase in total operating expenses.

The Budget Committee will meet soon to finalize a proposed budget for next cycle. Rick requested the Board examine the estimates of maintenance costs in particular before the final budget is set. Next year’s budget thus far is very close to anticipated expenses so caution to maintain budget limits and accurate estimates will be important.


Christine had submitted Incident Reports. It was advised that owners need notification whenever a first verbal warning is given to a renting tenant.

Rick took note of Christine’s information about future increased costs for Brother’s Cleaning and Comcast.

Green Committee

On January 13, Marc Tufoo of EWEB will give a 45-minute presentation here and distribute six free CFL bulbs to residents willing to commit to using them. Containers for safe disposal will be placed in the garbage closet on each floor.

The committee is updating information in the recycling packets.

Grounds/Security Committee

Tyler noted good progress on doors being refurbished and is waiting until December to send out more letters.

Architecture Committee

Marcy presented a partial anticipated lobby/office remodel budget (still some bids outstanding). She inquired whether funds are available separately for air conditioning and heating unit(s).

David will seek a second bid on removing old paneling for the remodel.

Marcy will post an illustration of the expected end result of the project; there will be minor changes.

Ad Hoc Committee

The chair of an ad hoc “management action group,” Douglas Beauchamp, summarized seven significant points the committee is bringing to the Board’s attention for further consideration. The Board requested that some prioritized recommendations be submitted after further study. Douglas noted the positive tone in meeting with IPMG representatives.

Old Business

The security system policy will be added to the policy booklet. An additional line will be added to the current policy stating that, “Prior to viewing the camera recordings, a log form will be completed identifying the date, time, purpose for viewing, and name of reviewer.” Christine will create the format.

David will obtain cost information for four more cameras and provide the Board with a list of the placement he recommends for each and reasoning behind the proposal.

One bid for the ventilation maintenance has been received, and at least one more will be sought.

A volunteer for WT website maintenance is still needed. Interested members are asked to contact David or Christine for more information.

Ofer will talk with Comcast about contract renewal concerns. The topic of members who do not receive Comcast services is still being discussed.

The City of Eugene wants to trim the front trees but has no firm date; Sperry Tree Care will work on the sweetgum tree in back.

New Business

An emergency roof repair project to put in a new membrane over the shops area is projected to cost $26,000 including terrace dividers. The Board voted to have Petersen & More do the work.

Elections of board members is coming up soon. As rules require staggered terms, some appointments will be one year long. It was suggested that it will be helpful for any member choosing not to run again to seek his or her replacement.