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Willamette Towers

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - WT Office

Board Members Present: Tyler Burgess, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Ofer Raban, Secretary; Marcy Beard, Member; David Ghelfi, Member

IPMG: Christine Kolen, Casey Conley, and Rhonda Romero

Others Present: Joanne Gulsvig, Esther Konop, Giny Landgreen, John Rose, Laura Romeyn.

Comments from Members

Appreciation was expressed for work done on the ice cream social.

Approval of Minutes

August meeting minutes were approved.



Contributions are behind, the majority being presently unpaid dues. However, end-of-year projections are not very short because advance allocations to the garage project and the security system exceeded actual costs.

It is likely the small increase in owners’ contributions to reserves next year will be as planned. Substantial unpaid assessments will ultimately affect reserve amounts.

A Budget Committee meeting for next year’s budget will be announced soon.


Christine submitted Incident Reports and relayed comments re door maintenance.

Green Committee

A date is yet to be set for an EWEB representative to present conservation ideas here.

Cloudy days may result in the balcony lights staying on due to sensor operation.

The north locker room light timer has been set to 20 minutes.

Christine will locate green envelopes for the new resident info packets.

Grounds/Security Committee

A charter for this committee was formally approved and signed by board members.

A copy of association policy regarding screen doors will be placed in the office files of affected units; it will be brought to the buyer’s attention when sale of unit occurs, resulting in necessary removal of screen door.

Architecture Committee

The Board authorized the purchase of three carpet remnants to be made into area rugs in lobby, hallway to garage, and elevators.

b. The Board authorized an initial payment to Marcy Beard for work to date on lobby remodel.

Marcy presented an illustrated proposal for lobby remodel. She is hoping to receive bids next month.

Old Business

The original bid amount for the parking structure and the height bar has been paid. The Board decided to follow the engineer’s recommendation that the additional amount for the added topping be paid, while the additional amount requested for the drain pipe installation should not be paid. David will compose an explanatory note to accompany the payment.

Christine will obtain information on what is necessarily involved in maintenance of our ventilation system and will solicit bids for the work.

Rick will plan on putting $2,500 in next year’s budget for power washing of lower garage stains. Bids have already been received.

Rick will check if projected costs for replacement of the roof over the shops are included in the planned long-term reserve expenses.

Sperry Tree Care’s bid was approved for work in the near future.

Regarding one of the units managed by IPMG, IPMG has agreed to repay HOA dues to Willamette Towers that had been diverted to an IPMG account.

New Business

The Board approved an ad hoc committee to examine the WT contract with IPMG in specific, and to discuss optimum building management agreements in general. The committee is given authorization to receive financial records and other pertinent information from IPMG, and to work with the IPMG personnel.

The Board is seeking a volunteer to examine the WT website for inaccuracies and/or make suggestions for improvement. Anyone interested can contact David Ghelfi through his email, mayaman1525@hotmail.com.

The Board approved a fire safety plan to be distributed to residents and put in the Move in Packet. Christine will arrange a visit by the Eugene Fire Department.

The policy on use of the security camera system will be that tapes will be reviewed only by Board members and IPMG, and only for the sole purpose of building security and the safety of its residents.

Marcy would like to pursue possible tracking of front door number pad usage.