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Willamette Towers

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April 19, 2011

Board Members present: David Ghelfi, President; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Susan Connolly, Secretary; Marcy Beard

IPMG staff present: Angela Romero, Casey Conley

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.  Twelve additional WT residents were present.

Member comments:

One resident stated she appreciated receiving a call regarding the water shut-off.

The minutes of the March 17, 2011 meeting were approved, as amended.

Old Business:

Flood Insurance.  Greg Lumsden, Farmers Insurance, provided an overview of our flood insurance requirements.  Greg explained in 1987, WT purchased our first flood policy for the building for $200,000.  For many years, this policy satisfied the lenders who required flood insurance.

However, more recently, some lenders are requiring individual flood policies.  Greg said to purchase a master policy for WT to cover all units, common spaces  and the commercial spaces would cost approximately $36,000 for $18,851,900 coverage but we could lower our cost substantially if we were to obtain an elevation certificate.  Greg said Poage Engineering & Surveying could provide this certificate for about $500 and the certificate would reduce our total cost to about $11,500.  Bank of America, one of the lenders requiring the insurance, said they would accept such a master policy.

A member said that the Amazon Canal flooded in l996 and would compromise the WT foundation if it should reach it.  Another member opined that the flood insurance requirement made units more difficult to sell when buyers found out the requirement of the additional. Flood insurance is required and administered by FEMA and the cost is the same regardless of insurance company.  The premium is forwarded directly to FEMA. A motion carried to have Angela arrange for the elevation certificate.



Rick reported that while we were able to recuperate some of the outstanding HOA dues on the second floor unit that was foreclosed, we are still short on the remainder.   In the future, we must act sooner on delinquent dues.  Our attorney has suggested taking action when dues are three months delinquent and recording the lien with the mortgage holder.  A motion to this effect passed.


Incident Reports:  There were two incident reports in the last month: a resident left the north door open and unattended and a noise report after 10pm.  Both residents were reminded of the rules and given verbal warnings.

Elevator Modernization: WT has a contract with Otis and Otis maintains no one else can work on the elevators.  Angela received two bids from both Otis and another company to replace the elevator machinery; they were close in cost.

Dividers: the WT by-laws were amended to include the board’s decision at the March 2011 which determined that the responsibility of maintaining the terrace dividers on the two north penthouses and the second floor west terraces lies with the individual owners and not the condo association.

Power-Washing of the lower parking lot: Angela was directed to contact the company that was scheduled to power wash the lower parking lot about two months ago and demand return of our deposit by 5-15-11.  It was determined by that this cleaning was unnecessary and the cleaning was cancelled in a timely manner.

Payment of fees: Unit #201 has paid the $400 owed.  Unit #205 has not paid the $75 fine owed.

Angela was requested to have the office door lock repaired.

Green Committee: Susan reported: The committee will be looking into:

  • Putting a rack on the laundry room wall where books and magazines can be exchanged.
  • Asking Sanipac to place a smaller recycling can alongside the large one so that residents who have difficulty using the larger one can use it.
  • Reviewing our contract with Coin Meter to see if we can have more environmentally friendly machines and increase our income from the machines by purchasing our own machines.
  • Providing a recycling container for CFL light bulbs.
  • Currently, the committee is providing a series of green questions and answers on the bulletin board and a recycling receptacle for used batteries in the laundry room.
  • The committee requested that the BOD address the cost of a new boiler as it is aging.  Rick replied that the cost is included in the monies set aside for large items.

The Grounds Security Committee:

As there are currently no members, the board decided to disband the committee until is deemed needed.

Architecture Committee:

Marcy showed colors to be used in the office, halls and lobby: beige with dark brown accent colors.  David signed the contract today for $15,420 and the work will begin 5/17/11.  Casey will write the checks for the 50% deposit on 4/20/11.  A resident asked that clear access to the elevators be maintained during the work period.

Management Committee:

David reported that the committee will review the 21 page IMPG contract with Jones and Roth, CPAs, to determine what, if anything, needs change.  The examination will determine the best practices for such an agreement and report back to the board, hopefully, by the next BOD meeting.  The BOD approved a cost of $90-125 an hour for the CPA time.

New Business:

Cigarette Smoke on 2nd Floor: Angela reported she received three bids to clean the second floor hallway: $972, $810 and $809.  Options discussed were to make WT a non-smoking building, clean the floor and require the owner of the offending unit to pay or to require that the one unit housing smokers purchase an ozinator (ph.), which reportedly cleans the air.

Discussion included what sanctions to impose if the unit owner failed to reimburse WT and that some residents were found smoking in the halls and staircases.  Residents were asked to file a complaint with Angela when bothered by smoke or when they have observed violations, such as smoking outside the units.

Irelan Landscaping: Concerns were expressed that IPMG had been 60 days late in paying this contractor and that all monies collected from WT were not paid to the landscaper. Casey said no landscaping monies were retained by IPMG and the landscaper was paid on the 3rd week of each month as all vendors are paid. Casey will send copies of 90 days of landscaping invoices to David for review.

Elevator Key Changes: There has been a recurring problem with someone locking out the elevators for up to four hours at a time.  On various occasions, litter, cigarette butts, candle wax, vomit and/or beer residue have been found in the elevator after it is illegally locked out.  It is suspected that someone has an elevator key.  It is not possible to put security cameras in the elevators as we have in other common areas.  The cost of replacing the locks with barrel locks is $983. Angela will check on the cost of re-keying the locks.

Residents are asked to report any suspicions of individuals locking out the elevators or unusual noises coming from the elevators.  This generally occurs in the early morning hours.

Broadband Committee: David reported there are presently four residents who will serve on this committee to determine the future of cable service. David would like two additional members who either do or don’t want us to continue to provide cable for the entire building at a substantially reduced fee. This committee will begin work in June 2011.

Minutes Notebook: Angela is working on compiling board minutes in a notebook in the office.  Minutes will cover the previous three year period and are available for residents review.  Additionally, there is now a notebook containing major board decisions in the office for resident’s review.

Web Site:  Some members find the WT web site helpful and necessary for folks to check out the building.  Updates cost $162 and are not done every month.  Casey will advise the board of the annual cost of the site.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan M. Connolly