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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

August 16, 2011

Board Members Present: David Ghelfi, President; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Kevin Mauseth

Board Members Absent: Susan Connolly, Secretary; Dan Solitz

Members Present: Ann Miles, John Rose

IPMG Staff Present: Angela Romero, Rhonda Romero

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Comments From Members:

John Rose expressed his thanks to the Board for the lobby remodel project.

The July minutes were not available for approval.

The minutes will be accepted at the September meeting.

Old Business:

Flood Insurance Policy. The elevation study that the Board authorized has made it possible to obtain flood insurance to provide coverage in the amount of approximately $18MM for an annual premium of approximately $6,000. The board has been advised that the coverage should be satisfactory to satisfy requirements of mortgage holders. This policy will result in a small increase in monthly assessments (approximately $4.00 per month). If possible, the increase will be postponed until the 2012 budget. It was moved, seconded, and approved to accept the new insurance policy. Rick Lowen will write a letter to be distributed to all owners.

Power Wash Deposit Letter. The board reviewed the letter drafted by Susan Connolly. The Board approved sending the letter after amending it to include the contract number and enclosing a copy of the contract.

Otis Contract. The Board approved the renewal of the contract with Otis Elevator for maintenance of the building elevators.


Treasurers Report:

IPMG again discussed the overdue assessments and legal fees with the mortgage company for unit 707. They advised a check is coming. Rick Lowen requested that IPMG provide clarification about the new financial reporting method being used. The reporting method has changed several times over the last few months and the Board needs to be sure that they have an accurate understanding of the association finances.

IPMG Report:

Incident Reports: Angela reported incidents of tenants moving out using the front doors and several reports about dogs barking. Owners have been contacted.

Bike Registration: The bike registration project was completed. The Board decided that stickers should be provided to residents to place on bikes that have been registered to allow them to park the bike in the back of the building. Bikes that park there without sticker will be removed.

Parking Lot Drains: The additional drains in the upper parking deck were installed.

Upper Parking Lot Lights: Still working on replacement of upper parking structure light that is not working.

Light Evaluation: The survey of building hallway lights (broken, require maintenance) is complete. Angela will provide this information to the architecture committee.

Green Committee: No report.

Architecture Committee:

Still looking at options for posting notices at the elevators. Will have a solution soon.

New Business

The Board reviewed an owner request to install a cat cage in a window. After discussion, the request was not approved.

The board discussed upgrading the internet service for the office computer. It was agreed that the upgrade is OK as long as we can cancel the office cell phone resulting in a cost neutral adjustment.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Connolly
Secretary .