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Willamette Towers

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Board Members Present: David Ghelfi, President; Dan Solitz; Rick Lowen

Excused absence: Marcie Beard

Association Members Present: Ofer Raban, Esther Konop, Jon Richards, Joanne Gulsvig, Douglas Beauchamp

IPMG Staff Present: Christine Kolen, Casey Conley

Meeting was called to order at 7:15 and introductions were made.

Minutes were accepted as written.


Rick presented the Treasurer’s report.

(See attached) The income statement has been revised to include the site management expenses as these had been omitted since July 2010. Treasurer’s report was accepted.

Green Committee

Reported that the January 13th presentation on Compact Florescent Lights was well attended and very informative. Attendees picked up their free packages of 6 cfls. The Committee will be meeting Thursday January 20th to discuss distribution of the remaining cfls. Rick Lowen expressed the appreciation of the board for the work of the committee to make this event a success.

Architect Committee: no report at this time.


Discussed noise complaints

Vandalism and theft in lower garage on January 10th.

They will add an info sheet about HOA dues in the welcome packet.

Presented bids for pest control. Board approved bid from Cheeta Pest Control to purchase 72 bait stations for $175.00.

Presented bids for duct cleaning. Decision was tabled.

Presented bids for elevator repairs. No action taken.

Board voted to replace door of Unit 1103 as board took responsibility for some damage done to the door during door upgrades. Master Craft bid of $375 for door installation accepted.

Bids submitted on additional security cameras. David Ghelfi presented a drawing of new camera placements. Bid by Access Control of $2,049 for camera installations was accepted.

Bids on additional drains in parking lot. Christine to ask Chambers who did the original work on the resurfacing to give us a bid on this additional work. It was requested that a different plumbing company than the one used in the previous work be used to put in the drains.

Tree care: City of Eugene trimmed the trees in front of the building January 18th

Discussed maintenance of elevators. The two bids submitted were not accepted. Christine was requested to seek additional information from bidders and to seek additional bids.

Terrace resurfacing has been completed. David and Rick did a walk around inspection on Jan 15th. They requested that those blocks with tar on the surface be turned over . Board voted, 2 in favor, one abstention to pay the $500 down payment on the 2nd stage, the building of the fences.

Annual meeting

will be held on the 22nd of February 2011. Mailing announcing the meeting will go out by January 21st and will include a copy of the budget for 2011. Christine will also send an email telling people to be anticipating this announcement.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Submitted by: Joanne Gulsvig