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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

July 26, 2011

Board Members Present: Susan Connolly, Acting Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Kevin Mauseth; Dan Solitz, Acting Secretary

Members Present: Laura Romeyn and others.

Staff Present: Angela Romero, Rhonda Romero

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

Member Comments.

Laura Romeyn asked if there was a way to reduce the intensity of the lighting in the lobby during the daytime. Kevin will carry this to the architecture committee agenda.

The minutes of the June meeting were accepted.

Old Business:

Flood Insurance. Susan and Kevin will make inquiry to three lenders to see if a proposed comprehensive policy would obviate the need for mortgage holders to purchase flood insurance in addition to Willamette Towers flood insurance. Board will revisit issue after research.

Power Wash Parking Surfaces Deposit. Susan will draft a demand letter to contractor and send it after e-mail consultation with board.

Lobby Remodel Status. Almost done. Kevin will finish up painting base boards and trim around new office AC after it is installed. Board expressed it’s apprecoming of this additional work by Kevin. Richard will draft a sign and Angela will post by the elevator asking folks to take care not to mar new paint job. Architecture committee will consider additional protection for lobby walls. Additional electrical work will be paid out of Marcy’s deposit with the remainder coming out of condo funds. We may install lower wattage CFLs at a later date. Contrast colors around elevator doors will be kept as it matches north hallway. Architecture committee will consider repainting elevator doors and fire door.



Rick reviewed mid year status-mostly on track. Board accepted report.

IPMG Report:

Pet Registration: underway to better identify sources of noise.

B. Bike Registration: to be completed in August with a view to discovering abandoned bikes and removing them.

Otis Contract: Up for renewal. Board will continue to dicuss.

Parking Lot Drains: Two new drains will be installed in the upper parking lot August 1-8.

Re-lamp Upper Parking Lot: Angela will get three bids. Board will e-mail decision.

Irrigation system turned on.

New Committee Authorized:

Major maintenance committee to deal with elevators, boiler replacement, and potable water system modification to reduce debris upon recharging. Dan will put out call for members and convene.

Management Committee:

No report.Will reconvene in the fall. Rick volunteered his wife, Marla, as a new member.

New Business

Owner requested reimbursement for removed lock box that was installed without permission. After light discussion, the board voted to deny compensation based on article 7.5b of the bylaws.

Board asked Angela to set up visitor parking permit system for visitor parking.

Discussed outside bibs on second floor terrace. Authorized removal due to freezing hazard.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:53pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan Solitz
Acting Secretary