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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

March 17, 2011

Board members present: David Ghelfi, President; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Susan Connolly, Secretary; Marcy Beard; Dan Solitz

IMPG staff present: Rhonda Romero, Angela Romero

The meeting was called to order at 7pm and introductions were made.

Member Comments:

Prospective owner, Dottie, appeared before the board to request permission to make structural changes to the 2nd floor unit she hopes to buy – the foreclosed unit.  Dottie was asked to submit a proposal to the BOD for approval and told she and her contractor could visit the WT office and view the building plans.

There was discussion regarding the “extra smoky” smell on the second floor. The HOA by-laws provide : “7.5 …no noxious/offensive activity shall be allowed…which is a source of annoyance to others” Only one unit on the second floor houses a smoking tenant and it is felt that the odor comes from this unit.

Angela was asked to obtain three bids to determine what would be involved in removing the smoke odor from the second floor.

The minutes of the January meeting were approved as written.



Rick reported the federal and state 2010 taxes have been prepared.

Rick asked Angela to seek reimbursement of the $1188 deposit paid for the parking lot power washing that was cancelled by the BOD.

The door to unit #1103 was replaced and the $400 bill was sent to owner.  It has yet to be paid.

Delinquent  HOA Assessments:

The mortgage company maintains that they are not responsible for the $6,000 arrearage in HOA dues on the unit in foreclosure.

Units # 507, 616, 702 and 1007 are at least 60 days in arrears.

The BOD will meet with our attorney as the combined arrearage is approximately $13,000.

IMPG Report:

Rhonda reported that a certified letters to the reverse-mortgage lender were sent regarding unit #707 advising them that the owner did not reside in the unit as required by the lender.  Our attorney will attend the April BOD meeting; it is our understanding that our attorney has opined that we need not file a lien against subject units in Court as the lien is already perfected.    Rhonda will email the attorney and request clarification.

The tenant paid the cost of cleaning and painting unit 404 door.

Resident of #306 reported that his fob had been taken from the key hole on his front door on 2/25/11 and replaced with another fob.  This second fob would not open the lobby restroom door as did his original fob.

On the same night, a resident was observed on the video camera entering the lobby bathroom with an unidentified woman at 3am using a fob.  The HOA had taken the resident’s  fob allowing entrance to the lobby bathroom, the boiler room and the and the south storage room in May 2010 due to inappropriate behavior in these areas. The duo left the bathroom at 4:45am. The woman is believed to be a frequent companion of the resident.

A melted fob, found to be the taken fob, was pushed under the WT office door on 2/28/11. The janitor reported that the morning following the time spent in the bathroom, the bathroom was dirty and in disarray.

Angela and David met with a Eugene Police officer and filed a report regarding the incident. In the future,  the BOD and office staff will insure EPD incident reports are filed for every such occurrence.

In addition, a letter was sent to the unit owner, on 3/4/11 advising her of the above events and assessing a $75 fine.  Rhonda verified that the resident had received the letter. The fine has not yet been paid.

Green Committee: No report.

Susan volunteered to serve as BOD liason.

Grounds/Security Committee.  No report.

Architecture Committee:

Marcy reported the committee had reviewed the bids in an attempt to  reach the $25,000 budgeted for the lobby and office remodel.  The designs and materials have been finalized.  The remodel will include ceilings and walls painted and new can lights.  The final fixed bids will be received soon.

The contractors will insure there is a clear path to the elevators while the work is being done.

Old Business:

Flood Insurance:  David reported he had contacted Farmers Ins regarding flood insurance.  Various individual lenders have maintained that $250,000 for the common elements is not sufficient coverage.  David has received a bid for $37,000 which equals $33 per month, per unit.  Greg Lundstrom, Farmers Insurance, believes this will satisfy FEMA so that individual owners do not have to purchase additional flood insurance.  David will schedule a meeting with Greg and the BOD before the April meeting.

New Business

Methodology for assessing HOA fees: The BOD discussed the way the fee assessment was set up in the by-laws: it is not based on square feet.  Rather, the SF of all of the one bedrooms, two bedrooms and studios  is averaged for each size category and billed at 29 cents per SF.  Changing the assessments will not bring in any more income for the HOA. The assessments are generally equitable other than the assessments for the two larger penthouse units. The subject was tabled.

Responsibility for balcony dividers:  David suggested that, in the future, the cost of replacing and maintaining the divider units between the second floor units with balconies on the west side of the building and the two dividers for the penthouse units on the north end of the building be the responsibility of the individual owners rather than the HOA. In the past, the HOA has paid for these dividers. In the fall of 2010, the HOA paid to replace the dividers on the second floor; the dividers for the two penthouses are in adequate condition.

David opined that the HOA is responsible for the repair and replacement of parts of the physical building (e.g. the parking lot), but not the items that sit upon the building (e.g. the dividers).  The BOD voted to so limit the HOA’s responsibilities and Angela will put this decision into the BOD policy book. 

Broadband Committee: David reported he had one member for this new committee and was seeking five more to explore cable TV services for WT.

Rental of Units: Susan inquired as to whether there were limitations as to how many units could be rented at a given time.  It is common to so limit these numbers in condo buildings.  The BOD reported that the proposal was put to a vote about four years ago and was defeated despite the fact that relative occupancy was deemed to not be a rental.  Susan will do some research on this question.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan M. Connolly