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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

May 17, 2011

Board Members Present: David Ghelfi, President; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Susan Connolly, Secretary; Dan Solitz; Marcy Beard

IPMG Staff Present: Angela Romero, Rhonda Romero

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.

Four additional residents were present.

Member comments:

Joanne opined that WT rules are more important than by-laws in that they are easier to change. Joanne stated that the rule regarding resident infractions was as follows:

  • first violation: a written specific warning;
  • second violation: A fine up to $75 imposed in a letter allowing the recipient 14 days to correct violation.
  • Within the next 15 days, the recipient has the right to appeal the matter.

A member noted that two rules are not being enforced:

  • Workers and residents moving in are not seeking required permits from the office and displaying them on their vehicles.
  • Guests staying beyond 48 hours in visitor parking are not getting and displaying permits.

Discussion concerned how to get temporary parking permits when the office is closed. No decision or action was decided upon.

Angela was asked to walk out with visitors and vendors and remind them as to the necessity of having an identifying sign in the vehicle in case of fire or emergency.

Joanne stated she was not comfortable with resident’s names being put in the minutes. The Board discussed this question and the consensus was that as the Board Meeting was a public meeting and the minutes should reflect what is said in the meeting; honesty is best.

A member noted that the electricity has been out twice recently causing the elevators to stop operating and the gates to the parking structures to fail to open. No action taken.

Marcy Beard announced she had sold her unit and would resign from the board of directors this date. Marcy’s resignation was accepted and she was thanked for her contributions as a board member.

Kevin Mauseth was elected to take Marcy’s place on the board.

The April 19, 2011 BOD Minutes were approved, as corrected.


Treasurer Rick Lowen reported:

We have a little more income than projected because the bank for the foreclosed unit on the second floor paid a portion of the HOA dues that were owed,.

EWEB expenses were high due to a cold January and February.

Administrative costs are a little high due to paying insurance in full and legal fees paid to collect the foreclosed unit’s HOA dues.

Maintenance expenses are on target.

Angela was asked to schedule the outside window washing,

Reserve expenses so far this year are for the resurfacing of the upper parking lot and the lobby remodel. We will continue to monitor our reserves and maintain adequate monies in the reserve account.

Rick will send some specific monetary questions to IPMG and Rhonda will answer the questions.

The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

IPMG Report: Angela Romero

The Board asked Angela to keep the DVD security videos under lock .

Power Washing of Lower Parking Lot: As directed by the BOD, Angela wrote to the company requesting a return of our $1188 deposit by 5-15-11. The total contract amount was $3,000. The company replied to Angela’s letter stating that WT had given them too short notice to receive a refund. Angela will send the board members copies of the contract to review. Rhonda was asked to contact the vendor and inquire as to whether they wish to continue to have our business. If so, will they consider the $1188 as a deposit on their next work for us.

Green Committee:

Joanne reported that the committee had not yet met this month.

Broadband Committee:

David Ghelfi reported the committee is still looking for two more members and will commence meeting in June 2011.

Architecture Committee:

Kevin Mauseth reported the lobby remodel was started on 5-17-11 and will be completed at the end of June 20ll.

Old Business

Flood Insurance Elevation Certificate: We have received three bids; the lowest is from Poage Engineering and Surveying. This is also the firm recommended by our insurance agent, Greg Lumsden. Motion was passed to have Angela arrange for Poage to complete the elevation certificate. See the April 19, 2011 minutes for a full discussion of this issue.

Cigarette Smoke Smell on the Second Floor: The owner of the second floor unit that houses the smokers came and spoke with Angela. The unit owner stated she would purchase a door sweep.

If the BOD wished to pursue the policy of making WT a nonsmoking building, it would be a decision for an annual meeting. For the time being, we will wait and see if the measures taken by the second floor resident solves the problem.

Scheduling Drain Installation on Upper Parking Lot: The upper lot needs two additional drains. We are waiting for the rain to stop before starting installation.

Elevator Lock-Out: Otis reports that it will cost WT $1820 to rewire the elevator so that it will only be able to be locked out on a floor with the doors open. Presently, the elevator can be locked out between floors. There have been several instances when the elevator has been locked out between floors in the middle of the night and detritus, including condoms, found in the elevator in the morning. David reports he personally knows of four instances in the past three years. Motion was passed to use money from the security fund to rewire the elevators to prevent such occurrences .

Otis Elevator Charges: During the recent power outages, IPMG requested Otis to make a service call to re-set the elevators. There are keys in the office to do this and Otis does not need to be called; it is an unnecessary expense. Angela and Rhonda were asked to ensure that all IPMG staff was aware of the elevator key in our office and would come over and re-set the elevators instead of calling Otis. Angela was asked to request a copy of our contract with Otis to provide to the board.

No Loading/Unloading Signs: It was reported that vehicles are sitting in the driveways blocking entry. Kevin said the Architecture Committee will work on providing signs after the lobby remodel is complete.

Four Gray Garden Debris Containers: Concern was expressed that these cans sit out front of the building for 3-4 days before being collected. Angela will contact Sanipac and inquire as to the problem.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan M. Connolly