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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

November 21, 2011

Board Members Present: David Ghelfi, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Susan Connolly, Secretary; Dan Solitz; Kevin Mauseth

Residents present: Jean Marie Moore, John Rose, Douglas Beauchamp

IPMG Staff present: Angela Romero


Member Comments:

The tobacco smoke on the second floor continues to be a problem for residents and their guests.  A resident opined that unless the fire door is left open, the hallway air is close to un-breathable.  An incident report has been filed and a second fine of $75 will be imposed.

The minutes of the October 2011 were approved.

Old Business:

Parking Lot Drain: David will email Chambers Constructions and request a 50% reduction on the cost of the most recent rerouting of the drains in light of their failure to do the job properly when they worked on the drains in August and September 2011.  Payment is authorized.

Plumbing Invoices: Repairs to units #208 and #402 are approved as they are repairs to the common element.  Repairs to #706 are, according to the plumber, repairs to the inside fixture, the shower valve.  This is an owner responsibility; the common element would be the pipe, not the inside fixture.  Angela was instructed to return this invoice as well as the bill from Tradewind Construction for $437 for the balance due on the tube surround repair to the unit owner.  If funds have already been paid to Tradewind Construction by IPMG for this repair, WT will seek reimbursement from the owner.

Individually Metering the Shops: Angela reported that EWEB and Builders Electric made visits to WT to determine the feasibility of individual meters.  Angela said it would take a long time and may not be economical to do so.

Bathroom Code Violations: Codes require that bathroom showers have a 2” drain and bathtubs have a 1.5” drain so as to avoid flooding and damaging downstairs unit’s ceilings.  One unit owner has replaced their 2” drain with a 1.5” shower drain and may have resulted in the leak in the unit below it.  Kevin will contact a plumber to evaluate the drain.  If the drain is out of code, the unit owner must pay to replace the drain.  WT will pay for the plumbers time as we must determine the source of the leak.  If the inadequate drain has caused the leak, the owner of the smaller drain will repay WT for the plumber’s investigation.

Elevator Flooring: The Architecture Committee is working on it.

Announcement Board: Rick purchased an attractive “announcement board” to be placed between the elevators on the ground floor.  Thanks Rick!



Incident Reports:

  • Loud noises: screaming, yelling, cursing in the building.
  • Resident bringing bicycle with mud-caked tires into building.
  • One resident yelling at another resident; told to call the police.
  • Susan’s red Schwinn Cruiser was stolen from east bike rack.
  • East door has electrical problems.  Door is sticking.  Angela will call.

Lobby wall guards were trimmed.

Window Washing is still waiting for a clear day.

DSL was installed in the office.

Green Committee:

The committee has not met due to Joanne’s recent illness. The Committee’s on- going projects: bulletin board articles and information and the recycling packets given to new residents continue.

Architecture Committee:

Will be evaluating the need for new elevator flooring and discussing some new lobby art.

Major Maintenance & Replacement Committee:

The Committee will give the BOD a proposal to hire a mechanical engineer to evaluate the potable water system and determine what steps to take to minimize problems when the water is shut off.

New Business:

2012 Budget: Rick reported the 10% increase in HOA dues is due to EWEB increases, new flood insurance and our policy of ensuring there are sufficient funds for reserves.  We will add $55,000 to our reserve fund in 2012.  Notices of the increase in our HOA dues will be sent out on 12.1.11.

Reserve Study Review: John Rose  has been working with a computer program to project monies for our reserves.  We are currently estimating that WT will need approximately $333,000 for two new elevators in 2012 and approximately $215,000 for a new boiler in 2016.  In the past, WT has not had a healthy reserve fund necessitating a special assessment that was both costly and unexpected.  In 2005, WT commissioned a reserve study that resulted in the special assessment.  In 2009, we purchased soft ware to do a yearly update to the reserve study.

Unfortunately, the 2005 reserve study did not include the $25,000 spent on the second floor balconies nor the work on the flooding problems in the garage.  John opined that it may be that we are still underfunded and after the first of the year, the board will revisit the question of whether or not our reserves are sufficient.

Board Openings in 2012.  David’s term will conclude in February 2012.

Rick, Dan and Susan will have another year to serve.  Angela will put out the announcement right away as to our quest for an additional board member.  Susan, Dan and Dave will contact owners who may be interested in serving.

Building Management Changes.  The BOD, together with the working committee, has selected Bennett Management to take over the care and management of WT.  IPMG’s contract will expire 12-31-11.  Bennett, together with the BOD, will provide a letter to be sent to all owners regarding the change in management.  The new management will include a full time on-site manager who will be charged with handling many of the day to day duties that have, in the past, been fulfilled by other companies.  It is our hope that this new plan will give WT residents a full time presence, more services and save money for the HOA.  

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.