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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

October 25, 2011


Board Members Present: David Ghelfi (President); Kevin Mauseth; Dan Solitz; Rick Lowen

Members Present: Laura Romeyn (708)

IPMG Staff Present: Angela Romero

Comments from Members:

Laura: There is water building up in the parking lot on the lower level as a result of the new drains installed to drain the upper lot. The pipes don’t appear to be long enough to get the water out to the drains and puddles are forming. Solution: Angela (IPMG) to set up someone to come and extend the pipe over to the drain.

Approval of September Minutes: Accepted by the board and approved by vote.

Old Business

DSL status: Currently we have 1 cell phone, 4 land lines, and dial-up internet in the office. The board voted on and approved the cell phone to be cancelled effective immediately. The cancellation fee was discussed and it was decided it will be more cost effective to pay the fee rather than let the contract expire. The board also voted on and approved the proposal Century Link submitted on the DSL that includes the phone lines. This should not cost any more than the current expenses occurred.

Office AC Status: scheduled for Thursday [and subsequently completed].

Move in/out regulations: The board tabled discussion until next month re: move in/out fee to owners. The board also approved the reminder to owners re: move in/out regulations and asked IPMG to send out via email/hardcopy within the week.



WT budget is close to targets in all areas. Total income is above target, operating expenses are slightly above, but as to be expected because of some expenses we pay for the whole year at the beginning of the year, admin costs and maintenance are higher than projected but workable in the numbers for the year. The 2012 budget is being drafted to take this into account and should be finalized within the next month. The board also approved to add Rick Lowen and David Ghelfi to be added to the Washington Mutual accounts as ‘authorized people’.


Incident reports:
  • 9/22 loud music disrupting residents in the building – warning sent to owners, problem appears to be resolved
  • 10/6 smoke from a resident unit spilling out into the hallway – warning letter sent, the owner spoke to the tenants of the unit and the problem appears to be resolved.
  • 10/21 smoke smell was reported on the 2nd floor hallway – is an ongoing issue and resolutions are being discussed.
Also discussed:

Parking lot lights – they have been fixed and all are working again,

The motion lights in the back of the building are on all the time – Angela to look into a remedy

Water shut off – board to evaluate plumbing bills and approve any payments that result

Building bug problem – ongoing, but doesn’t seem to be bad enough to take building-wide action at this time, board to keep watch on this issue, David recommends that residents with persistent problems us spray-foam to fill any voids in areas where plumbing pipes pass through walls into their unit. This has worked well for him

Parking door from lobby sticks – board to look at the latch and figure out possible corrections

Clear wall guards installed in the lobby need to be cut down to be even at the top on the office side

Window cleaning – scheduled for 11/14 depending on the weather.

Green Committee: Nothing new to report.

Architectural Committee:

Met, worked out a list of potential projects around the building still to tackle, will meet again to establish priorities and talk budgets. More information to follow.

Maintenance Committee:

Met, proposed evaluation of the main breaker systems in the electrical room and determine the working order of them. The board approved getting bids to do this in conjunction with EWEB’s looking at replacing our transformers (which will be at no cost to WT). Also proposed evaluation of the plumbing systems in the boiler room (including the fire suppression system). The board also approved getting bids to do this and figure out the most effective method of flushing our plumbing systems with minimal impact to residents. They also recommended a cleaning of the Electrical and Boiler rooms and volunteered to tackle those projects. The board approved the committee to do so.

New Business:

It has come to the board’s attention there are bathroom code violations in the building in resident’s units and that unlicensed, un-bonded contractors are being utilized. A letter will be sent to those owners in violation requiring units be brought up to code using licensed, bonded contractors.