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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

September 20, 2011

Board Members Present: David Ghelfi, President; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Susan Connolly, Secretary; Dan Solitz; Kevin Mauseth

Members Present: Owen Boom, Skye Blaine, John Rose, Giny Langren, Laura Romeyn

IPMG Staff Present: Angela Romero, Rhonda Romero

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm.

John Rose thanked the Board of Directors for the successful lobby remodel.

The July minutes were accepted as written.  The August minutes were accepted as amended.

Old Business:

Flood Insurance.  The new flood policy takes effect on 10/7/11.The balance of the old policy cost will be refunded to the HOA.  A letter will be sent to all owners together with a copy of the declaration page of the policy.

Power Washing Refund.  A letter drafted by Susan Connolly will be sent to the power washing company in a final effort to recover our $1188 deposit paid to the company.  Rhonda will send Susan all of the information regarding IPMG efforts to secure a refund.  A motion was passed to give Susan discretion to settle the matter with the goal of recovering our funds or a credit toward future work.

Lobby Damage Prevention Measures: Angela reported that the janitorial staff is removing bicycle scuff marks every day or two from the lobby walls. The board directed Angela to determine the cost and feasibility of putting clear plastic corner guards on the lobby pillars top to bottom.

DSL in WT Office: Rhonda reported that Century Link will come up with a new plan for the office telephone.

Upper Parking Lot Lights: Work will be finished this week.

Bike Project: The registration of bicycles is complete.  WT is left with two complete and two partial abandoned bicycles.  These will be given to a resident who requested them.



Rick Lowen reported: The long-overdue unit has now paid up HOA dues in full.  At this time, we have no units in excess of 30 days overdue in  HOA dues. We made a $7,755.39 contribution to our reserves; our total reserves are now in excess of $300,000.  There are no current problems.

IPMG Report:

Incident Reports: The Mia Bella owner was seen dumping her personal recycling in the WT recycling container causing it to be overfull. The owner agreed to cease. A resident complained about the stained elevator carpet.

The building water will be shut off on 10/24/11.

Carpet Cleaning: Brothers will clean the hallway carpets during the first week of October. The board directed Angela to contact Brothers and instruct them to ensure that their hose, run over our balcony, did not rub paint off the building as it did last year.

Bicycle Gate Locks: Angela reported it may be possible to have keys made so all residents can use the existing locks on the gates.  She will continue to pursue this matter.

Green Committee:

Susan Connolly reported that three committee members had viewed neighborhood yards for ideas for groundcover and contacted John Peterson of EWEB to determine our lawn water usage.  The committee is considering replacing the lawns with ground cover as a conservation method.

Architecture Committee:

Kevin reported that the committee had not met.

Major Maintenance & Replacement Committee:

Dan Solitz reported that the committee now had four members and would meet soon.

New Business

Wall problems with Units 306 & 307.  The owners reported the wall between the units was bowed and inquired as to who paid for the repair.  The Board directed the owners to obtain the services of a licensed and bonded contractor and the contractor will determine the cause and ultimate responsibility.

Elevator Flooring.  The board agreed the elevator carpets is not holding up well.  Kevin Mauseth agreed to obtain price quotes for new flooring.

Move-in/Move-out Information: There are continuing problems with tenants moving in and out.  The front door was used recently for moving and the elevators were blocked. The board directed Angela to send out a letter to owners reminding them of WT rules and policies on this matter.

Dogs using Lawns for Toileting. Susan reported yellow spots on our lawns and speaking with two tenants with a total of three dogs who admitted using our lawns to toilet their dogs.  Some residents recalled a policy disallowing this practice.  The board asked Angela for the WT policy book; she stated she was unsure of its location, but would conduct a search.  The matter is tabled while the search is conducted.

The meeting was adjourned at 8pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan M. Connolly