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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board of Directors Meeting

April 24, 2012

Board  Members Present: Dan Solitz, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Kevin Mauseth; Kim Harper-Kennedy; Susan Connolly, Secretary;

BMC: Diane Sollinger

Residents Present: Esther Knopp, Yuan Hopkins, Giny Landgreen, John Rose, Jacob Pace, Ann Miles, JoAnne Gulsvig, Dottie Kemp, Jean-Marie Moore

The meeting was called to order at 5:30pm.

Introductions: None

Comments from the members:

John Rose thanked Dan for his good work in conducting the walk through with the engineers for the water systems review.

Esther reported that the 11th floor balcony had spray paint on the light fixture, beer cans were repeatedly found and that the carpet was stained.

Joanne stated that when our resident beauty shop, Mia Bella, first moved into the building about ten years ago, WT paid for about $10,000 worth of renovations to their space. Joanne also said the bylaws provision 3.5(j) provides any new capital item over $2500 in cost requires a 75% vote of  the general membership.

The March 2012 minutes were approved as written.

Old Business:

Committee Members:

Kim reported three residents had volunteered for the Smoking Committee, four for the Cable TV Committee and none for the Green Committee.  Kevin will convene the committees and their first order of business will be to seek additional committee members.  Rick and Kevin will write mission statements for the new committees.



Rick reported all HOA dues and late fees have been paid in full and only one late payment was received in April.  WT actual reserves are $23,317 with $23,700 reserves budgeted.

Our EWEB bill has risen sharply since approximately 1/1/2012; Rick reported usage has gone up about $500 a month for the past three months.  Diane will have Scottie schedule an electrician to look at the office thermostat and any other causes of increased electrical usage.

Major Maintenance & Repair.  Dan reported:

Elevators: The committee met and decided to hire an elevator consulting service for $3,225; the service will determine how long the elevators will last, do a thorough survey of our equipment and give their recommendations.  Dan will sign and fax the contract to them.

Water Systems: Two engineers from Balheiser & Hubbard spent two hours inspecting our water systems with Dan. The Committee will present their report at the next meeting.

Architecture Committee:

A. Second Floor Smoke: Kevin reported Galson Laboratory tested the air quality and found no particulates.  However, as several second floor residents reported the outside door was continually left open, it was felt that the test results probably are not accurate.

B. Smoke Neutralizer on Second Floor: WT had the use of two smoke neutralizers free of charge for about the past two months.  Dottie said she had asked Scottie to remove the neutralizer located nearest her unit as she was allergic to the odor.  Jean-Marie said she liked the odor.  Joanne said she couldn’t tell any difference in the smoke smell.  The board decided to remove the neutralizer because it only covers the smoke smell and the health problems remain.

C. Lobby Art: Jacob, photographer and building resident, showed the board four black and white photographs of the building and items in WT and the matting and framing he suggested be used for the photographs. He suggested 8X10 photographs in 36”X36” frame. At the next meeting, the committee will provide a proposal with costs.

Green Committee:

Susan reported the committee is still in need of additional members.  Susan will contact Tina and ask her to prepare another, more attractive and fetching, announcement requesting new members.  The committee unanimously recommended that no chemicals be used for weeding and other uses on our landscape.

Bennett Management Report.  Diane reported:

A. Site Manager Performance Review: Diane completed the review with Scottie and the board will review during executive session.

B. Satori Day Spa.  Their rent increase will begin in 7/12 rather than 3/12.

C. Carpet Shampooer: Diane will have Scottie look for a used carpet shampooer within a week and advise the board by email.  .  Also, Scottie will purchase two dryers for the floors.

D. The policy book that Angela prepared and Scottie located is now available in the WT office.  Scottie is adding the new policies as they are written.  Susan asked that Scottie post the policy statements in the notice holder by the elevator and maintain a log of dates posted so that the policies can cycle through for the residents edification.

E. Incident Reports:

  • 4-4 Cigarette butts and a dirty floor on the 11th floor.
  • 4-4 Sprinkler valve leaking on east lawn.
  • 4-8.  Owner invited the non-resident in to use laundry.  The board declined to take any action at this time.
  • 4-18 Noise complaint.  A letter was sent to the tenant and copied to the owner and property management company.  Diane was asked to send a letter to the owner advising of tenant’s angry response to this matter.
  • 4-15 Floor drain on 13th floor needed to be cleaned.
  • 4-19 Noise complaint.  No action.
  • 3-25 Owner seen kicking elevator door, leaving foot prints.
  • 3-25 Owner felt intimidated by other owner staring at her. Third complaint on this matter.
  • 4-7 11th floor balcony. Scottie cleaned paint off light cover.
  • 4-8 A guest of #508 set off the fire alarm necessitating the evacuation of the building and the services of the Fire Department at about 10:45pm. Diane sent a letter to the unit owner advising of the alarm and that a drinking party occurred in the unit before the alarm incident.
  • 4-17 An employee of Mia Bella slipped on the lobby floor near the rest rooms.  The floor was wet as it was recently mopped and no wet floor signs were present.  The employee asked for a copy of the WT video tape. As the by-laws provide the tape will be viewed only by management and the board of directors, the request was denied.
  • 4-23 11th floor balcony is reported as dirty and sticky.
  • 4-23  A silver SUV was parked in the visitor parking over the weekend for the second reported time.  It is not known if the woman driver of the vehicle is a resident; all residents are required to have copies of their rental agreements in the office.  Diane will send out two letters regarding two people living in the rental unit and the parking violation.

F. WT Website: We pay Bravo $365 a year to maintain our website.  Although Diane sent a list of current board officers three weeks ago, the website hasn’t been updated yet.  Diane will contact resident Doug Beauchamp and ask him to check on the website.

G. Mia Bella Lease: WT has not yet received a formal proposal from Mia Bella.  Rent is currently $1300 and they pay utilities of $125.

The board will continue this discussion in executive session.

New Business:

Plumbing Invoice: Units # 703 & 704.  Dan spoke with the plumber and learned the plumber was unable to tell where the responsibility lay. The HOA will pay the bill. Tub strainers: Scottie will purchase 24 bathtub strainers and hand them out to residents and buy more if needed.  Our last Plumbing bill due to a hair clog cost the HOA $247.

Policy Book:

  1. Plumbing: Susan will write up our new plumbing policy for the book and to be posted.
  2. Move-in/Move-out : To be discussed at next exec session.

Landscaping Equipment:

Scottie has made recommendations on pruning shears and an electric mower with a battery pack.  The board will discuss further.  In the meantime, Bennett is authorized to mow again.

Scottie will continue checking into the purchase of a buffer and floor scrubber, a shop vacuum and hand hoes.

The meeting was adjourned and the board went into executive session.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan M. Connolly Secretary