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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

January 17, 2012

Board Members Present: David Ghelfi, chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Susan Connolly, Secretary; Dan Solitz; Kevin Mauseth

Bennet Mgmt present: Diane Sollinger

Residents Present: John Rose, Joanne Gulsvig, Elena Ray, Giny Landgreen, Douglas Beauchamp, Jeanne-Marie Moore

The meeting was called to order at 7pm.

Introductions: none

Comments from the members:

Dottie Kemp (through another member) expressed her appreciation to Scottie, our new site manager, for opening up and cleaning out a parking lot drain that was blocked.

Joanne Gulsvig said 4-6 weeks ago, a plumber had sought and been granted approval to put a hole in her ceiling through to the unit above her to repair the above unit’s plumbing. The hole has not been repaired. The board asked Diane to have Bennett’s maintenance person look at the ceiling and ask Scottie to attempt the ceiling repair.

Elena Ray presented the board with a plumbing bill for a problem in the wall and to replace an older faucet. The board agreed to reimburse her for the $134 plumbing bill, but declined to pay to pay $154 to replace her faucet.

John Rose requested he be emailed the monthly payables. Rick will send John the 1~ 1 payables and Diane will send them to him every month thereafter.

Douglas Beauchamp asked if Brothers Cleaning Service was continuing their work. The board said Brothers would continue until 1-27-12 and Scottie would begin cleaning duties after that date.

Douglas asked if Bemett could clarify their preference for how to get information to them: paper or email?

Douglas also asked for Bennett to clarify Scottie’s job description. Diane and Scottie will be working on the job description.

The December 2011 minutes were approved 5-0.

Old Business:

Plumbing Issues: Dan reported for the Major Maintenance Committee: Dan said when WT must tum off the water for maintenance, it causes plumbing problems for some units. The Committee requested permission to hire an engineer to do an overall plumbing review of the potable water system (not the boiler). The board approved the fee of $500. Diane will get bids. Scottie will look for any old reports or sets of drawings of the building and/or the water supply.

Policy Notebook: Scottie has continued to look for the missing notebook that is reported to contain all of the policies passed by WT BOD in the past. Joanne said that it is a blue notebook. None of the current board members have ever seen this notebook, but the search continues.

Plumbing #601: This problem involves an overflowing bathroom sink. The board agreed this was not a HOA problem. The unit owner was advised to call her plumber, have the problem repaired and submit the invoice to the HOA, per or policy.

Plumbing #606/806: This problem occurred three years ago, no one submitted an invoice, the matter is now considered settled.

Plumbing #606/706: #706 was reimbursed for plumbing in error by IPMG. WT requested reimbursement and #706 refused. The problem was an external element that attached to a common element. #606 needs to seek redress with #706. Diane will attach the amount owed the HOA by #706 to their monthly statement. Diane will advise both units of the board’s decision by leter.

Management Transition: Both the board and Scottie, the new site manager, report that the transition is going well.


Treasurer’s Report:

Rick said the last cash balance he has received from IPMG was for 10/11; he requested one in 12/11, but did not receive one. Rick estimates our cash balance as of 12/31/11 at $4,488.72. Diane will confirm that our funds were or will be transferred from IPMG to Bennett Management. Rick reported that we spent approximately $13,000 from reserves in December; however, the expenditures were quite a bit more in that much of the monies spent were out of pocket.

Bennett Management Report:

There was an anonymous report of cockroaches on the ~ floor of the building. David said that there have been such reports in various locations for a long time, and unless we fumigate the entire building, we cannot get rid of them. It is each unit owner’s responsibility to deal with the problem themselves by keeping garbage sealed and filling all holes ( e.g. areas surrounding pipes) coming into the unit) with foam.

Air Quality Test: In an attempt to alleviate the continuing problem of excessive cigarette smoke on the second floor, the board previously asked Diane to seek bids on air quality tests. Diane reported that she was able to secure two bids only: $500 to $1,000 from Wise Steps and $700 from Serv Pro to determine air quality on the second floor.

There was disagreement among the board members as to whether or not it was appropriate to spend HOA funds to measure the air quality for the smoke coming into the common hall from unit #205, the only unit containing smokers on the second floor.

As an alternative, the board decided to have Dan and Mark (Bennett’s maintenance man) meet with a contractor to determine if the ventilation system on the second floor is working properly; to insure that the fumes from unit 205 are not coming into the hallway as a result of a malfunction of the system. Diane will locate a vendor and arrange the inspection

Jeanne-Marie Moore offered to purchase an ozinator for the second floor hallway.

Incident Reports:

  • On January 6, 2012, surveillance film suggests Kerry Jones, resident of#205, and a female non-resident vandalized the north elevator by remaining in the elevator for over two hours, smoking cigarettes and snuffing them out on the elevator’s carpeted floor, resulting in permanent damage to the carpet therein. A $75 fine was levied on the unit owner, Tina Behnke by the board for this disturbance. It is due and payable with February 2012 dues.
  • During early January 2012, there were several incident reports regarding Kerry Jones, resident of unit #205. These incident reports included Mr. Jones yelling, swearing, banging on the elevator walls, talkirg in a loud and angry manner in the common area, and behaving in an aggressive manner toward our new site manager.
  • In addition, on January 15, 2012, Mr. Jones was observed beating and kicking a non-resident woman in the second floor hallway and throwing ~rout of#205. The police were called. As a result of these incidents, the board imposed a $75 fine on the owner of the unit, Tina Behnke for Mr. Jones causing a disturbance and other violations of the HOA bylaws.

Window Washing: Diane will schedule window washing as soon as possible. It is usually done in April and October. However, IPMG did not schedule it before the rains began this past fall.

Computer and Cell Phone for Office: Diane reported that Scottie found the office computer to re slow. The board decided that the computer was adequate for the necessary office work. The board asked Diane to have Scottie make a recommendation as to his cell phone requirements.

Late HOA Payments: The board reaffirmed that HOA payments are late after the 10th of the month. At that time, a $25 late fee will be assessed by Bennet Mgmt.

Notice of Annual Meeting and Proxies:Diane was asked to send out the notice of the annual meeting and proxies for members voting.

Elevator Upgrade/Replacement: Diane was asked to locate an independent consultant who does not sell elevators to assess the condition of our elevators as we have received different recommendations from Otis during the past few years. Janitorial Rooms: Diane was asked to have Scottie to get the janitorial rooms cleaned out and ready to go with functioning hot and cold water. It will be needed when Scottie begins to do carpet cleaning himself using the water on the individual floors.

Site Manager attendance at BOD Meetings: The board decided Scottie will attend all future board meetings.

Green Committee: There was no report.

The Architecture Committee: There was no report

The Major Maintenance Committee See Dan’s report under old business.

New Business:

Annual Meeting will be held on February 24, 2012. Diane will send out notices and proxies.

The title “User-friendly by-laws and rules” document title will be changed to “Association Policies & Rules”. The board opined this title is clearer and less confusing. Scottie will change this title on our website and on our packets given to new residents.

Policy Book In the event we are still unable to locate the policy book, the board will begin passing new policies and creae a new policy book in 2012.

Maintenance Equipment: As Scottie will now be responsible for most maintenance, cleaning and landscaping, some new equipment will be purchased. Scottie will be asked to compile a list of needed equipment. He is now anthorized to purchase a quiet, electric leaf blower, but will wait on a lawn mower.

The board will make decisions on major equipment on a case-by-case basis, purchasing the equipment on an as needed basis.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan M. Connolly