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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board of Directors Meeting

July 24, 2012

Board Members Present: Dan Solitz, Chair; Richard Lowen, Treasurer; Kevin Mauseth; Kim Harper-Kennedy; Susan Connolly, Secretary

Residents Present: Jean Marie Moore (partial)

Bennett Mgmt Present: Diane Sollinger

The meeting was called to order at 5:35pm.

Introductions: None

Comments from the members: None

Minutes Approval: The minutes of the June 26, 2012 meeting were approved as corrected.

Old Business:

Outside electrical units: Scottie and Mark, Bennett staff person, will install two outside units by the end of July.

Mia Bella Lease: Dan will invite the MB owners to meet with the board at their planning meeting on 8/7/12.

Garage Gate Keys: Diane reported that Scottie could not locate a list of residents having a key to the garage gate.  Dan asked that Scottie check his key again and to start a list of residents possessing such a key.  Scottie is to reorganize records to reflect keys to all of the locations, all of the keys and who has which keys.  In addition, he will have all residents come into office and check their keys and fobs.  This will be an annual event and he will update the bicycle log at the same time.

Web Page: Doug and John will work together on the site and Diane will inquire as to their progress within one week.

Excess Water Usage: Diane reported that about 1/3 of the units checked had water leaks, one had a big problem, and these have been repaired.  About 1/3 of the units are still to be checked.

Conflict of Interest: Susan suggested a shortened COI policy:   “No directors shall receive compensation from the association for any work done on behalf of WT.  All Directors will recuse her/himself from any Association decisions, and discussions thereof, in which the director has a monetary connection or interest.”  Previously, some members were in favor of allowing non-board-member residents to be able to be hired by WT to do work herein.  Thus, this provision was eliminated. The motion was tabled.


Treasurer: Rick reported:

The one overdue account reported at the end of June is now current.

There was no contribution to reserves at the end of June, but our $6,000 contribution in early June puts our account very close to its goal.

Smoke Free Committee: Susan reported the committee will send out a letter and survey to all residents by email and postal mail to determine the feelings of residents on the smoking in individual units question.

Cable Committee:

Kevin reported the committee has only one member, Ofer, and he has been out of town.  No meeting or action by the committee.

Major Maintenance & Repair Committee: Dan reported:

Elevator Study Report: The committee is digesting the report. The report cost about $3500 and a bid package will cost about the same amount if the committee and board decide to go that direction.

Roof: Diane said she called Umpqua Roofing two weeks ago and asked for the contract and roofing insurance documents.  Diane will call again if no return call within one week. The documents will show the frequency of roof inspections to maintain the roof insurance. A door to provide roof access will cost about $5,000.

Plumbing Study: The committee discussed and members are not yet ready to commit to spending funds.   The committee will come to BOD with their recommendations at a later date. A study will cost about $4,000.

Boiler: Rick asked the committee to look into boiler problems and develop a plan. Dan suggested looking at the boiler from a cost-savings viewpoint and suggested the Green Committee take on this task; Susan demurred on behalf of the Green Committee as the committee does not have boiler expertise. Dan said we could possibly save money/electricity and offered to contact EWEB regarding conservation possibilities.  It is reported that the boiler was tested several years ago and projected to last until 2016.  The committee will look into it.

Green Committee: Susan reported:

North flower beds.  Susan presented the board with three separate planting scenarios the north entrance flower bed.  The GC recommended bearberry bushes that were low maintenance and needed little water; they are about one foot tall, attractive in all seasons with green foliage year around and red berries in the autumn.  Susan did cost assessments for all three plantings including plants, ground cloth, loam, and bark mulch.  New bark mulch would be purchased at the same time for the area between the front of the building and the sidewalk.  Total cost was about $450 and the least expensive of the three proposals the committee presented.

Kim said if the board could not approve the lobby art for $2,000, we could not afford the $450 for the planting.  The board liked the bearberry choice and decided to wait two months to see if we could afford to pay for the plantings.

Green Handouts & Green Bulletin Board Corner: Yuan continues to provide the office with green materials to give to new residents. Tina continues to do an excellent job posting green information on our WT bulletin board.

Architecture Committee: Kevin said the committee had not met.

Bennett Management.  Diane reported:

Action Grams:

  • A former tenant complained that the window washer broke a window in 4/12; the window washer denied it.  The board took no action.

The Green Committee gave a magazine rack to Scottie and asked him to install it in the laundry room in February or March.  Diane asked the board for permission to install it and it was approved.

The board directed Diane/Scottie to remove the grafetti on the back wall of the parking structure about two months previously and it was not done. Diane said Scottie repainted the wall on 7/13 and 7/23 and tested a sealant to keep the writing from sticking. Unfortunately, the sealant did not work.

A resident asked that the each-floor garbage cans be periodically cleaned.  Diane said this will be done in the fall & winter.

A resident asked Scottie to clean the cobwebs on the lobby windows.

Scottie was asked to sweep dirty sidewalk out front and it was not done within the next several days.

There are many cigarette butts on the meridian strip out front.

There were two incidents of residents moving without pads and following other procedures.  Diane was directed to send letters to both owners and if there had been earlier violations, to levy fines and advise the owners they could have a hearing at the next board meeting.

On 7-20-12, a resident of unit #205 refused to stop smoking in a non-smoking common area, threw the cigarette down, and cursed and threatened the site manager.  A letter assessing a $75 fine will be sent to the unit owner.

A resident of unit #205 was seen pounding on the elevator door. This was the second occurrence of this behavior.  A letter assessing a $75 fine will be sent to the unit owner.

The owner of unit #205 paid a $75 fine assessed earlier for a resident of that unit making a foot print mark on the elevator.

Diane reported Scottie has scrubbed the 8th floor carpet and reports the carpet scrubber works well.  He will do one floor each week until all are clean.

New Business:

Policy Book.  Board members will review the policy book and recommend which policies we want to update.

Water Shut-Off: We will do our annual water shut off in October; residents will be asked to do their plumbing remodels at that time.

The meeting was adjourned at about 7:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan M. Connolly