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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board of Directors Meeting

June 26, 2012

Board Members Present: Dan Solitz, Chair; Susan Connolly, Secretary; Richard Lowen, Treasurer; Kevin Mauseth; Kim Harper-Kennedy

BMC: Diane Sollinger

Residents Present: Ken Guzowski, Esther Knopp, Giny Landgreen, John Rose

The meeting was called to order at 5:37pm.

Introductions: None.

Comments from the members: None

Minutes Approval: The minutes of the May 29, 2012 meeting were approved as written.

Old Business:

Outdoor Electrical Units: Diane reported the cost of the two new outdoor electrical units (needed for our new electric lawnmower & blower) is  $546; the board approved 5-0. 

Equipment Purchases: Diane said the lawn mower, blower, tile scrubber is now purchased; the carpet scrubber was ordered by Scottie on 6-25-12.

Mia Bella Lease: Rick reported:  In response to MB’s request for monetary contributions to the remodeling of their salon, WT will make an offer to MB.  In addition, MB asked for a new metal awning for the entire building; MB would pay for its portion. Diane will present WT’s contract proposal to MB and will ask for additional information on the awning request.  This item was tabled until the board receives this information.

Garage Gate Key Request: Board members recalled that Angela/IPMG had 100 keys to the garage gate made in 2011.  Diane was asked to determine how many keys are in the office and ask Scottie to locate the list of key holders.  Only home owners can be key holders. If no such list exists, Diane/Scottie will create one. John tested his key: it opened the side gate & the garage gate.

Web Page: John reported that Doug Beauchamp earlier suggested our webmaster Dylan train Doug to work on the web page.  The board approved training for Doug for 3 hours at $65 an hour. John will accompany Doug to the training.

Excess Water Usage: Diane reported Scottie did three units bathroom inspections and found small leaks in two toilets.  Diane was reminded that Scottie should not repair these minor problems, but tell the unit owners to schedule a plumber to do the repair and Scottie to re-inspect in two weeks.  Scottie is to call all residents and schedule inspections ASAP. This water problem is costing the HOA approximately $1,000 per month and must be resolved.


Treasurer: Rick reported:

State Tax Reimbursement: For the last two years, the HOA has paid the minimum state tax of $150 per year.  The WT accountant told Rick perhaps these sums can be returned to WT; the accountant has filed the necessary paperwork to seek reimbursement.

Reallocation of Budget: Our budget has been reallocated to reflect the transfer of duties and costs: e.g. janitorial and landscaping are now done by our site manager rather than two outside contractors.  Thus those allocations have been transferred to the site manager allocation.

To cover the site manager’s insurance costs, the site manager allocation is now $35,000 rather than $30,000 as previously reported resulting in a deficit of $1144 for this year.

After all expenses are paid, $54,000 yearly is put into a reserve account for future large expenditures.

A motion to continue to fund the reserves at this level passed 5-0 with the caveat that the board must continue to be very careful with expenditures.

Major Maintenance & Repair Committee: Ken reported:

The board approved the committee’s request for Diane to contact Otis Elevator Service and request Otis complete the maintenance items recommended on WT’s report by  Jim Runyon, elevator consultant. WT has a maintenance contract with Otis and according to the consultant’s report may not be doing an adequate job.

The MMRC Committee, together with the elevator consultant, will meet with the board at its next planning meeting on 7-17-12.

The committee recommended and the board approved asking Diane to contact Patterson Towers, Lane Towers and The Eugene Hotel to obtain elevator repair information.

The potable water system will be briefly shut down during the testing of the fire sprinkler system by Olin Sweeney on 7-13-12.

Architecture Committee:

Rick reported: While it still believes in its original proposal, the committee has changed its recommendation for further lobby remodel thusly:

  1. Withdraw the request for sums for a lobby bench and painting of lobby doors and
  2. Increase the sum for framed photos of the building in the lobby from $1800 to $2000 and delay the purchase of the photographs until funds are available.T

The recommendation was passed by the board 5-0.

Green Committee: Susan reported:

Yuan continues to provide green packets for all new residents; the packets  are handed out by Scottie when residents move in.  Tina continues to provide helpful green tips on the HOA “green corner” of the bulletin board.

The Committee requested a budget for replacing the plants in the planting strip near the North entrance to the building; the committee will present the board with at least two choices of plants accompanied by budgets for each. The board approved this action by 5-0.

Smoking and Cable TV Committees:

Kevin reported the committees are still looking for new members, have been dormant for two months and will meet soon.

Bennett Management: Diane reported:

On 6-3-12, our security cameras showed a resident of unit #205 kicking the door of the elevator leaving a foot print thereon.  A letter levying a $75 fine was sent to the unit owner.  The fine has not yet been paid.  The board discussed increasing the fine for each subsequent violation and/or failure to pay the fine.  No decision was reached.  This will be a discussion topic when the board reviews & updates its policies.

A carpet stain on the 4th floor was reported.

At the board’s request, EWEB checked our water meter; it was 100% accurate.

New Business:

Access to Financial Records: The board advised Diane that section 6.2 of  the by-laws  provide that dissemination of HOA financial information is restricted to the common elements information.  Requesters should make an appointment with Scottie in the WT office to access this information.

Conflict of Interest: Susan moved and it was seconded that board members and committee members could not profit financially from their services to WT by being hired, their employer hired, or their friends or associates hired by WT to perform work for WT. Board members stated they felt it was appropriate to hire building residents and wished to continue to do so. The motion was tabled until the next board meeting.

Building Roof: Dan and Scottie discovered a problem with materials left on the roof with resultant water pooling following the re-roofing some years ago.  Diane was directed to check with Umpqua Roofing and see if there was a copy of the inspection requirements for the roof warranty.  John said some paperwork had been lost since the roof replacement.

Elevator Roof: Mark and Scott checked the elevator roof. Mark advised sealing the joints in the elevator machinery room roof.  Diane will have Mark take photos and report the cost.  Board approved 5-0.

The meeting adjourned at 7:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan M. Connolly