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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

March 20, 2012

Board Members Present: Dan Solitz, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Susan Connolly, Secretary; Kevin Mauseth; Kim Harper-Kennedy

Residents Present: Joanne Gulsvig, Dottie Kemp, Jean Kern, Giny Langreen, Jean Marie Moore

Bennett Mgmt Present: Diane Sollinger

The meeting was called to order at 5:32pm.

Introductions: none

Comments from the members:

Joanne inquired as to the board’s policy on payment of individual unit’s plumbing bills. The board explained that in the past, the prior management company had routinely paid plumbing bills without determining responsibility beforehand. Hence, the board instituted the following policy:

  • Owner contacts, hires and pays plumber for their unit,
  • plumber writes detailed bill explaining work, location and causation of problem,
  • unit owner submits bill to management company,
  • board determines responsible party for payment and reimburses unit owner fully or partially if the HOA is found to be the responsible party.

Joanne asked that the meeting agenda be posted; the board responded that it usually is posted and this will continue to be done. In addition, Diane sends out email and snail mail copies of the agenda to all owners.

Diane will write to the snail mail recipients asking if they wish to be added to the email list. Diane will then switch all owners with email to the email list for their regular statements.

Dottie requested that the second floor receive a “special look” when we have our plumbing review. She opined that the second floor has special problems that do not affect the other floors.

The January minutes were approved 5-0.

The February minutes of the annual meeting will be approvedin the next annual meeting in February 2013.

Old Business:

Annual Meeting: Rick reported that the annual meeting in February had a quorum, elected Kim Harper-Kennedy to the board, approved the 2011 minutes, and had a vote of 43-3 in favor of a change in the by-laws regarding smoking on WT property.

New Committees: Also at the annual meeting, it was decided to form two new committees: a broadband committee to look at our cable TV options and a Smoking Committee to look at changing the bylaws to prohibit smoking.



Rick reported our taxes are completed and filed. In 2012, we may have to pay taxes as we have no large expenditures planned that will be deducted from our income as we have had the past few years. In 2/12, we paid our $13,000 insurance bill and our expenses are up a little as we paid Brothers Cleaning Service until the end of January. We will continue to put away funds for large expenditures, like our elevator.

One unit is six months behind in HOA dues ($1200); Diane will send out a letter discussing our next step of placing a lien if the funds are not timely received.

Diane will also send out a letter to a unit owner requesting the reimbursement of $197 that the former management company erroneously paid to a plumber for the plumbing problem in their unit. Diane did not send this letter in January as directed as she did not have the information as to the cost.

Green Committee:

Susan reported the committee has not met and needs new members. Diane will direct Scottie to post a notice seeking new members.

Architecture Committee: The committee has not met.

Air Quality Test: The air quality on the second floor was tested around the first of March and results will be reported on 3/21/12. A second test will be conducted following the results. Jean Marie reported awakening at night twice during this time to discover the hallway door open. Thus, it is not clear if the test results will be valid.

Elevator Upgrade Consultant Proposal: This proposal was given to Dan and the Major Maintenance Committee. The committee will report at the next meeting.

Bennett Management Report:

Diane reported that Scottie will soon have his 90 day performance review. Diane and the board agreed that the board will participate in that review.

Action Drain Invoice: The Board directed Diane to advise the vendor that only $58 of this bill would be paid and to send a check in that amount. Joanne was reimbursed $67 on her plumbing bill.

Mia Bella Lease: Kevin recused himself from this discussion and decision due to his business relationship with Mia Bella. The MB owner is willing to sign a ten year lease and is hoping her rent will not increase, but is seeking HOA financial assistance in her decision to make a $30,000 remodel to the rental space.

The proposal is under board consideration. Diane/Bennett will put together a written proposal cost of an average vacancy, a written proposal from MB and their recommendations.

Mia Bella Plumbing: WT will pay $127.95 as they are our tenant.

Satori Day Spa Lease: Board will consider rent increase in July 2012.

User Friendly Title Change: The title has been changed on all documents, but not on the website. Diane will check with Doug Beauchamp to see if he will update the website.

The owner of unit #205 has paid the two $75 fines levied.

Incident Reports:

  • Request that broken tile(s) in front of mail area be replaced. Refer to Architecture Comm.
  • Elevator door tracks need to be regularly cleaned. Diane reports Scottie has done it.
  • Elevator floors must be vacuumed daily. Architecture Comm. is evaluating floor covering.

Diane will provide recommendation as to whether to purchase or rent carpet shampooer.

Diane was directed in January to have Scottie check the janitor closets to ensure that all hot and cold water was functioning so as to facilitate carpet shampooing. Diane will so direct Scottie now.

On 2-9, Kerry Jones, #205, was reported to be banging on the elevator doors.

Scottie painted over graffiti in the alleyway and it reappeared the next day. Diane directed to have Scottie photograph, contact police, and continue to paint over.

New Business:

Door Knocker: The board has received a request from unit #603 to install a door knocker. Our policies state that nothing other than the door number will be on the doors. However, the board noted that other units have door knockers and granted the exception. The board will review the policy to see if it needs to be changed.

WT FHA Certification: WT has let its FHA certification lapse and must reapply to allow buyers to apply for FHA loans. Diane said we were certified until 7/11, the process is difficult and could cost WT about $2,000. Rick will review the 95 page document and report back to the board at the next meeting.

Lobby Floor Cleaning: Diane reported that Scottie saw a need for professional cleaning of our lobby tile and grout. The board opined that there was not a need for professional cleaning, that daily mopping would suffice. Kevin will contact Gardner Floor Covering and find out if the tile and/or grout needs sealing.

Pet Policy: The board adopted a pet policy that provides, in addition to the existing pet policy, that residents may not toilet their pets on WT property. Residents can apply to the board for an exception for their service animal if the resident’s disability interferes with their ability to toilet their pet off property.

Susan will write the policy, email it to Scottie and Scottie will post it and add it to our policy book. The policy book is now in the WT office and available for residents to read.

Move In/Out Policy: Will be addressed at the next board meeting.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan M. Connolly