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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

May 29, 2012

Board Members Present: Dan Solitz, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Kevin Mauseth; Susan Connolly, Secretary                

BMC: Diane Sollinger

Residents Present: Ken Guzowski, John Rose, Dottie Kemp; Laura Romeyn, Joanne Gulsvig

The meeting was called to order at 5:30pm.

Introductions: none

Comments from the members:

Doug asked for improved communication between the board and the unit owners. He had asked previously to be on the smoking committee and requested he be notified of the meeting. Earlier, Doug asked about the damaged tile in front of the mailboxes and the unattractive elevator carpet. Doug was told both concerns were referred to the Architecture Committee. In the future, Diane will notify residents as to committee referrals and actions taken on problems residents raised with the board.

Dottie would like to see the board minutes posted on the website. When the website is updated and functioning, minutes will be posted. In addition, Diane will email out the agendas and minutes to the residents in the future. 

Minutes Approval:

The April 2012 minutes are approved as corrected: the March minutes did not reflect that the board decided not to seek reimbursement from the resident who refused to reimburse the HOA for a plumbing problem that was the resident’s responsibility.

Old Business:

EWEB Water Bill:

The bill is still running high.  This problem appears to have began in late 2011.  For example, last year this month’s usage was 8,000 gallons per day (GPD), this month it is 10,000 GPD.  Last month, it was 11,000 GPD.  Diane reported that no resident had reported a plumbing problem after we asked all residents to check their toilets last month.  This is costing the HOA about $1,000 per month.  Diane was asked to provide a one year report on potable water to the board.

Smoke Committee & Cable Committee:

Kevin reported that he had not yet contacted the residents who had volunteered for these committees.  He will do so in the near future.

Carpet Cleaner:

Dan reported that Scottie, site manager, said he can find a new carpet scrubber for $800-1000. Dan said, based on his carpet cleaning experience, each floor should take about 90 minutes to clean and one floor can be cleaned each month. This will save WT the $2400 formerly paid annually to Brothers Carpet Cleaners.  Diane was asked to have Scottie locate and purchase a wax buffer, tile scrubber and carpet scrubber by the end of the week.

Elevator Replacement & Potable Water Systems:

The repair and/or replacement of these items will be expensive.  We need to continue to build up our reserve accounts.


Major Maintenance & Repair Committee. Dan reported:

Elevator: The elevator consultant will evaluate the WT elevators on 5/31/12.  He will then make his recommendations as to their longevity.

Potable Water System: We are still awaiting a bid for an evaluation of our water system.  Diane will make it clear to the vendor(s) we will pay a maximum of $500.

Roof: Dan inspected the roof and discovered paint and equipment left on the roof from the building’s repainting three years ago. These items had formed a dam and water was pooling on the roof.  Scottie and Dan removed the items from the roof.  Scottie and Mark (Bennett) will inspect the drains on the roof and determine what repairs are needed.

Roof of elevator machinery room: Scottie and Mark will inspect it for problems.

Treasurer’s Report.  Rick reported:

All board members are authorized to sign on the Morgan Stanley account. Two signatures are required. Rick will send Susan paperwork to sign and return to Rick.

Budget Reallocation: Before our site manager was hired, both janitorial and landscaping were separate line items. Rick will allocate the funds from these areas and into the costs for our site manager – who now is responsible for these tasks. These costs are substantially less now and Rick will allocate some of these funds for our EWEB bill that is running much higher.

Reserves: Our total reserves are now $319,380 for all categories of reserves.  Rick said we are doing well; our reserves are where they should be as set forth in our reserve goals.

B. Architecture Committee. Ken reported: The committee has been meeting and presented the board with a proposal to finish the lobby remodel.  The items and associated costs are:

  • Lobby bench: $950
  • Durable gray paint for elevator, stairs & hallway doors: $1,000
  • Lobby art (four framed B&W photos of bldg): $1,800

Total: $3,750

The cost for these items is not in the budget; the total lobby remodel cost was $35,000.

Committee members Ken and John and committee & board members Kevin and Rick supported the lobby art, stating, as the photographs were of the building and parts of the building, they were a good representation of the building, $1800 was a good price for the photographs and framing and the committee had considered several options before deciding on these photographs. A committee member stated the bench was designed for placing items on while residents wait, not for seating.

Susan objected to the lobby art for the following reasons:

  • Only one option was presented to the board,
  • the photographer was a building resident and this was not disclosed to the board , and
  • the cost was too expensive.

Susan said with probable huge expenditures coming up for the elevators and water system, we need to be conserving our funds.

Laura said that as the bench was only 12” deep it was not usable for residents to sit on while waiting.  Several residents discussed the need of WT elders and others to sit while waiting in the lobby.

This decision was tabled until the next board meeting.

Green Committee.

Susan reported the committee is still dormant.

Bennett Management.  Diane Reported:

Site Manager Equipment:

  • Lawn mower has been ordered and will arrive soon.
  • The landscape company sent us a bill.  Diane will tell the landscape company not to return and ask them what work their bill is for.
  • Outdoor outlets.  If Mark (Bennett) is qualified to do so, he will install two outside outlets.  Diane is authorized to go ahead if the cost is less than $500.  These outlets are for our new quiet electric lawn mower.  If Mark is not qualified, Diane will hire an electrician.

Action Gram:

  • One 2nd floor resident reported she missed the temporary air neutralizer we were trying out on that smoky floor.  However, other residents didn’t like them or didn’t notice any difference in the smokiness.
  • Scottie suggested removing the door between the lobby and the mail box area.

The board explained to Diane that we are required to have the fire door in place.

Incident Reports:

  • On 5-6, several seemingly intoxicated people broke the glass on the north door and entered the building in the early morning hours.  In addition, one of the people broke a large rhody bush outside the south entrance when he fell off of the roof.  A letter was sent to the unit owner advising of the incident.  A police report was filed and the police are investigating the incident.  The board received a letter from the perpetrator offering to pay for the damage.  Diane was asked to send a letter with the cost of the plant, the glass replacement and Scottie’s repair time.
  • On 5-11, a resident complained the extremely smoky air on the second floor.
  • A resident of or visitor to #1204 was warned for the third time about parking in the guest parking spaces.  Diane sent a letter to the unit owner.  WT policy requires that visitors get a parking pass from the office before parking in the guest spaces.  Residents with an additional vehicle may not park in the guest spaces.

Diane was authorized to sign the contract for $365 a year for Bravo to be our host server on our website.  In addition, Doug Beauchamp was authorized to do updates to the site.  Doug will also check into additional hosting sites.  This contract will expire in 11-12.

Tub Strainers: All 15 tub strainers were given out free to residents to help keep matter out of our pipes and reduce plumbing problems.  Diane/Scottie will purchase more strainers.

The Mia Bella plumbing bill was approved for reimbursement.

The meeting was adjourned at 7pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan M. Connolly