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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board of Directors Meeting

September, 2012


Laura Romaine: The carpet stains on the __floor did not come up after Scottie cleaned with the new machine. Laura used a manual carpet stain remover which she got at Kendell Auto ( #1 Lifter Instant Carpet Stain Remover $5.99) and through a process which calls for three applications the stains were lifted. In addition, as a suggestion to the Architect Committee, Laura noted that the Hilton Hotel uses a durable vinyl wall treatment which looks like it holds up well to the abuse of the wall across from the elevators in the WT lobby. Most of the damage occurs in the bottom 1/3 of the wall.

Douglas Beauchamp: The elevator floor carpet has been unacceptable for several months. How do we process our concerns? (Later in the meeting it was noted by John Rose that we will have a non-carpet floor in the new elevators).


With the corrections from Diane Sollinger from BMC, the minutes were accepted


Unavailable until next meeting


There is a call for additional committee members for reviewing invoices. Now Scottie will copy invoices and meet with the committee which is currently Dan Solitz and Jen Whybra.

Smoke Free Committee –

There were 40 responses to the survey distributed to the members of the HOA. There is an overwhelming interest in greatly restricting or limiting smoking on the property. This is a high priority item to move forward in the next few months so that a vote can be taken at the annual meeting.

Steps ahead: include handout (Questions and Answers) in the November billing. This was moved and passed by the Board unanimously. In December a second document (Financial Benefits) will go out with the billing. This was moved and passed by the Board unanimously.

Next, the wording will be drafted for a resolution to the Bylaws and sent to the members of the HOA. The Smoke-Free Committee proposed resolution and bylaw wording designating WT, and is asking the Board to review and revise as needed. If anyone is interested there will be an Informational Meeting before the general vote, Feb. 2013. The Board will review the proposed wording at the next planning meeting so that it is finalized no later than December.

Cable Committee – no report

Parking Policy was moved, and passed by the Board unanimously. This will be available on the WT web page soon.

Move in/ Out Policy was reviewed. This will be voted on by November. Construction policy will follow which will address home improvement projects by residents which would require use of bollards and elevator protection during the weekend.

Water shut off will occur Monday, October 22nd. Businesses will be notified. Olmid Swinney will be involved and all owners/residents will be notified. Signs will be posted in the building. There is still one unit not inspected. A letter will be sent to the owner and there will be two weeks to comply to the requirements as stated in the bylaws for access.


John Rose reported that there is $5000 in the reserves for Safe Roof Access. One bid has come in from Highland Construction for $18,000 and others are awaited. The committee is looking at options for replacing the water heater. Balzhiser and Hubbard would charge $4500 to create a diagram of our plumbing system with attention to: cut off cold water, hot water, and flushing out the system. T

he committee has a number of questions. The committee will meet with B&H to pose questions.

The Elevator consultants gave an excellent bid packet. Two questions: who will oversee the construction as detailed in the bid packet? Who will manage everything that will come up in the building like move-ins with one elevator? Elevator Consultants gave us a $10,500 bid to oversee the construction project. We are working with BMC to coordinate through the construction timeframe.

BMC report:

Diane reported that the elevator roof sealant was completed on 9/25/12. Giny added that if you are inside the south elevator and if the door keeps opening and closing, you can guide it to close with your hands (from the inside) and that seems to solve the problem and that she would communicate with Otis about this.

Scottie is now able to resume all of his duties as of 9/24/12. The additional charges incurred to assist during this time will show up with the work order on our next statement. BMC employee = $1440 and charges for once a month landscaping. 9

Web site:

John Rose and Douglas Beauchamp have been working with our contractor to bring things up to date. There will be a format for the public and one for owners and a way to send action grams from the site. It was suggested that there be $1000 in the new budget for development of this tool and Scottie will be trained. Diane will review the site twice a year. The additional duties will be added to the site manager 2013 contract.

Window washing:There have been three complaints about the quality of the work. Diane suggested bidding the job out again next year and being specific about cobwebs and window sills. Our invoice was $2800. Our next wash would be April of 2013.

We will repost the bylaw that addresses behavior of residents in common areas and encourage anyone to report any harassment or threatening behavior immediately.

There is a delay to the installation of the garage door, the oil spill has been cleaned up and painting will occur. BMC will initiate further inspection of the wall. Dan reported a crack that has not been addressed and needs to be included before we wrap up with the insurance company of the driver.

There is a Maintenance Schedule which is general and will be done with more detail at hand. The annual registration of fobs and keys has begun.


The washer/dryer policy was moved, and approved unanimously. The information will available on the office and soon posted and available on the web site.

The Board moved and accepted the insurance contract which included flood insurance. This may lower the premiums of residents and help in getting financing for buyers.

The Board moved and accepted that the plumbing incident at Satori falls under their responsibility as written in their contract.

The Board moved and accepted that the invoice from Mia Bella will be paid for by Willamette Towers.

____, owner of 505 spoke in conjunction with the letter and pest control reports about the cockroach problem her renters are having in the unit. BMC will put bait in the trash rooms and make bate available in the office for any residents who need it. We will send a survey to see of further action needs to be taken.

Diane suggested, based on analysis of rents in the area, that when we sign a new lease agreement with 206 that the rent be raised to $659. The Board moved and passed unanimously this motion.