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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

WT Office 8/27/2013

Dan Solitz, Chair; Giny Landgreen, Secretary; Douglas Beauchamp

Not Present: Rick Lowen, Treasurer

Present: Esther Knoop, Oliver Thornton, Gayle Hand, Daniel Brandt

BMC: Diane Sollinger

Minutes of 7/23/2013 were approved

Treasurer’s report will be presented at the September meeting

Diane reported: 1 move-in in July and 2 move-outs in July(after the meeting)

Housekeeping Committee reported:

  • In the future they will have the bark delivered and spread in landscaped areas.
  • Carpeting on the south end of the 8th floor to the elevator is not cleanable.

Douglas brought spread sheets to combine with current sheets to make it possible for Scottie to have a check off system for daily/weekly/monthly jobs covering administrative, landscaping, building repair, and janitorial work.

There are aspects relating to moving in/out and contractors in the units that we want to track as well.

The Cable Committee is gathering information from vendors. Surveying the residents about land lines, hi-speed internet use, and other facets of what we need will be helpful to the Board in reaching a decision by December of this year for budgeting and for our current contract with Comcast.

Roof access is moving along.

The first large payment has been made toward the elevator modernization. Work is not expected to start until the beginning of the new year.

Special policies and considerations will be discussed in the September planning meeting, as this affects the move-in and out policies.

The Board agreed to allocate $200 (Christiansen Electric) to put a timer on the lights under the front awnings.

BMC will get a second bid on the repairs needed as reported by the annual Fire Inspection.

BMC will write to Pizza Company about flyers recently attached to door handles-this is in violation of our trespassing and building security.

The Board voted to reimburse #203 (plumbing), and #201 ($109 .50 plumbing) with a letter to #201 that all modifications require clearance from the Board

Unit #808 will receive a letter to waive fine for smoking, but the move out fine is in place.

The Board has not changed our policy on screen doors. They must be removed at the point of new ownership.

Tuesday, September 17th, planning meeting, 5:00 pm

Tuesday, September 24th, Board meeting 5:00 pm

Respectfully submitted by Giny Landgreen - 8/28/2013