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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board Meeting

12/18/2013 - WT Office

Board: Dan Solitz, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Giny Landgreen, Secretary; Douglas Beauchamp

BMC: Diane Sollinger

Present: Oliver Thornton, Esther Erford, Dottie Kemp, Luther Greulich, Misha Seymour, Jean Kern, Irie Hoffman, Rex Hoffman, Susan Connelly, Joanne Gulsvig, Ernesto Martinez, Barrie Lavoie

Motion passed to NOT renew Comcast Cable contract, effective Feb. 18th, 2014.

Motion passed to allocate no more than $600 for an electric power washer and vacuum cleaner.

News from Otis that the elevator upgrade will start mid-April. Three bids for the additional machinery will be reviewed at the next planning meeting.

Minutes from the November 19th Board meeting were approved and accepted

The Treasurer’s report was approved and accepted.


January 8th 5:00 planning meeting

January 21st 5:00 Board meeting

Adjourned at 6:20

Respectfully submitted by Giny Landgreen 12/20/2013