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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers Board of Directors Meeting

January 8, 2013

Board Members Present: Dan Solitz, Chair; Susan Connolly, Secretary; Rick Lowen, Treasurer; Giny Landgreen

Board Members Absent: Kim Harper-Kennedy

Bennett Management: Diane Sollinger

Residents Present: Esther Knopfs, Jean-Marie Moore, Douglas Beauchamp, Dottie Kemp

Introductions: None

Member Comments:

Douglas stated he liked the new cleaning schedule and the posting of the site manager’s daily schedule on the office door.

Minutes: The minutes were approved as written..

Treasurer’s Report: Rick reported:

A. Fines and Fees: There are two fines and three fees outstanding.

B. Reserves: $10,000 was deposited in November, however, no deposits were made in December due to the monies spent on the boiler repair. In total, we deposited $47,976 to reserves in 2012 and have paid some reserve-type expenses directly from our regular budget, e.g., $7800 for elevator planning and $1600 for parking drainage repair. Our total reserves are now $366,718.

C. Available Funds: We have about $200,000 in CDs that will come due this month and about $31,000 in our money market accounts. In that we will need monies available for the elevator work, the board voted 4-0 to place $100,000 in three-month CDs and to place the remainder in the money market account.

Old Business:

A. Annual Meeting: The annual meeting will be held the last Tuesday in February: 2/26/13. Proxies must be signed by each owner. Douglas, on behalf of the Smoke Free Committee, asked to get the meeting notice out right away.

B. Unit #202 Water Damage: Bills to be presented to the board for reimbursement.

C. EWEB Heat Pumps: Dan asked that Diane provide two years of financial statements for our application to EWEB for financing heat pumps to replace our boiler. Dan will prepare and submit the application and the board will later determine if this is the best boiler replacement option. The board approved providing the financials by 4-0.

D. Uninspected Units/Water Leaks: There is one unit that has not responded to repeated requests to inspect their toilets for leaks. The owner has two unpaid fines. Dan will check the by-laws to determine if entry into units is allowed and, if so, under what circumstances. This will be on the agenda of the next meeting.

E. Washer/Dryer Policy: Rick will add language to our policy so as to make it in compliance with the “non-compete” clause of our new contract with Coin Meter.

F. Window Check: Dan drafted a letter to all owners requiring a safety check of all windows. Rick suggested having one contractor do the work at the same time. Each unit will pay for their own inspection and needed repairs. Diane will ask Abee Window and Lane County Glass for feasibility and time frame.

G. Policies:

  1. The Garbage & Recycling, Mailbox and Mailroom, and Air Conditioner Installation were re-written by Kim and passed by the board 4-0.
  2. The Screen Door Policy was re-written by Susan and passed 3-1.

H. Parking: Letters were previously sent to the two abandoned-appearing vehicles in the lower parking lot. One vehicle was removed and the owner of the second vehicle provided new tags for it. The second vehicle has not been moved in several years. Diane will write the owner of the second vehicle and ask if it is operable and the last time it was driven.

Committee Reports:

Housekeeping Committee: Giny reported:

  1. Giny, Douglas, Esther and Diane have conducted two walk-arounds of the building and the grounds in the past five weeks. Their goal is twice monthly with one focus on the interior and one on the exterior of the building.
  2. They have noticed an improvement in the cleanliness of the laundry and the common areas and are hoping our site manager will begin to take initiative in these matters.
  3. The perimeters of the building really need attention. In particular, the newspaper box area and grafitti on the back alley wall. The committee told the site manager he need not wait for warmer weather to repaint in that only 2-3 hours drying time was needed.
  4. The site manager determined a different type of cockroach bait is more effective and will be applying this now.
  5. Landscaping needs were discussed with the site manager, e.g., the ivy growing along the entry to the lower parking garage.
  6. The last hour of each day the site manager is to empty doorway garbage cans, check bathrooms and sweep entry and door ways.
  7. On Tuesdays, the large dumpster is full as it is emptied by Sanipac on Wednesday mornings. Giny will check with Sanipac for a solution.

Bennett Management: Diane reported:

Action Grams: Date, Description and Follow Up

  • 11.27.12 Lobby toilet floor is filthy Cleaned
  • 12.1.12 Elevators down otis called out
  • 12.1.12 Lights out in north storage room replaced ballast
  • 12.5.12 RG could not get in bldg had been registered as maintenance fob; reactivated
  • 12.4.12 8th floor carpets need vacuuming scheduled for that day and completed
  • 12.5.12 fob does not work directed to Scottie; resident did not register, but now has
  • 12.5.12 request names be added to the south door directory done
  • 12.5.12 fob did not work all fobs are now registered and work
  • 12.10.12 greatly reduced hot water flow Scottie and Ray fixed
  • 12.10.12 new phone # unit 905 - office & intercom panel completed
  • 12.11.12 cockroaches in hall purchased roach traps
  • 12.11.12 spots in hall carpet need cleaning cleaned
  • 12.13.12 liquid spill on the so. Stairwell between 3rd,4th flr Scottie cleaned it up
  • 12.12.12 not following move out procedures notified owner’s property manager
  • 12.17.12 6th & 8th floor balcony lights out replaced these bulbs
  • 12.24.12 light is out on n stairway 13th floor required large ladder and 2nd man; completed
  • 1.3.13 socks by east door, garbage overflow socks removed, garbage emptied
  • 1.4.13 move out issues: permit, north door, elevator communicated with owner,
  • 1.7.13 fire door does not close researching code
  • 1.7.13 space 90 oil spill, space 43 bike part letters issued
  • 1.7.13 use of bushes by garbage barbed wire in bushes?

Incident Reports: Date, Description and Follow Up

  • 11.30.12 bike lock cut, bike not stolen security tapes scanned
  • 11.30.12 Elevator not working Friday evening Otis called Fri afternoon & reported would come after hrs
  • 11.30.12 moving pads left up all weekend communicate with homeowner about putting away
  • 12.10.12 resident with pet not on a leash letter to owner,communication with tenant
  • 12.17.12 802 tenants blocking upper garage ramp notified owner of occurrence
  • 12.26.12 1304 dumping unbagged trash in 12th flr Scottie discussed this with homeowner rep (son)
  • 12.28.12 contractor vehicle @ n entrance, contractor using bldg power spoke to owner
  • 12.31.12 south elevator would not come to ground floor Otis called,

Diane reported:

  1. Annual Registration of fobs, bicycles and pets is complete.
  2. Hedge Area near the newspaper box: It is believed this area may be being used by homeless people as a sleeping area. Diane was asked to have the trees in the area trimmed up 2-3 feet from the ground so as to make the ground area visible.
  3. Move-in/Out fee: WT recovered $600 in move fees in December since our implementation of the new policy; it is working well with no problems. Jean Marie asked if a resident needed a fee if moving in new furniture. A fee is not required, but the regular $50 deposit is required and regular moving policies apply, e.g. elevator pads.

New Business:

  1. Repair Reimbursement: Unit #1008 requested $149 reimbursement for repair of the plaster adjacent to the window due to water leakage. Dan inspected the repair and determined it was the owner’s responsibility in that owners were notified at the time of the building painting to inspect their window caulking and notify management if new caulking was necessary. The board voted 4-0 to deny reimbursement.
  2. Board Vacancies: Susan announced she will not renew her term as she has completed her two year commitment. Giny thanked Susan for her services as secretary and her legal expertise. Dan and Rick will serve for two additional years and Giny will complete her term. On 1/9/13, Kim announced, via email, she would not complete Kevin’s term – which she had been appointed to complete in 5-12. The board will seek two new board services as secretary and her legal expertise. Dan and Rick will serve for two additional years and Giny will complete her term. On 1/9/13, Kim announced, via email, she would not complete Kevin’s term – which she had been appointed to complete in 5-12. The board will seek two new board members and a new secretary.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:05pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan M. Connolly, Secretary