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Willamette Towers

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Willamette Towers HOA Board Meeting

TUESDAY, MARCH 26, 2013, 5:30PM

Approved 5-1-2013

Board Membbers Present: Dan Solitz, Chair; Rick Lowen, Treasurer;

Absent: Giny Landgreen

Others Present: Benton Elliot, Doug Beauchamp, Oliver Thornton

BMC: Diane Sollinger

Comments from residents:

  • Benton Elliot thanked the Board and architecture committee for the art work
  • Work that was finally installed.
  • Oliver Thornton introduced himself as a new owner and let the board know that he is willing to serve in any activities that would be helpful for the association. It was suggested that he meet with the housekeeping committee at their next meeting.

It was moved and seconded to elect Douglas Beauchamp to complete the board term of Kim Harper-Kennedy who resigned from the board before the annual meeting.

The January 2013 minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Rick Lowen reported that our revenue and expenses are in line with our projected budget. At the end of February, ten owners are showing past due balances. The majority of these owe partial dues increase amounts or late fees. One of these balances was paid at the beginning of March. One owner owed several months at the end of February (total amount $930.94), $676.46 was just paid on that balance, reducing the amount due to $279.48.

Expenses this month included the annual insurance premium payment. Because of this payment there was not a transfer of funds to our reserves in February. We did transfer $9000.00 in January. The current reserve balance is approximately $376,027.30.

It was moved and seconded to approve the report.

Following discussion it was decided that current board officers would be retained until Giny Landgreen returns and the entire board can vote on new officers.

Committee Reports:

Major Maintenance:

Two bids for elevator upgrade have been received. Both bids are higher than expected. A meeting with the elevator consultant, committee, and the board will be scheduled to review these bids.

Architecture committee:

The artwork in the lobby has finally been put in place. The photographs by Jacob Pace are effective and give importance to the entrance of our building.

The committee will continue to find the right bench for seating in the lobby.

Housekeeping Committee:

Ken Guzowski agreed to represent Giny on this committee while she is on vacation. Diane provided the committee members with three separate project lists where the majority of items have been completed by Scotty or BMC, so all seems to be in order. This committee provides a key service to our BMC Team for all matters related to housekeeping and maintenance at WT. The next meeting is April 4, 2013.

Smoke-free Committee:

The amended By-Laws with the Smoke-Free section have been signed and will be recorded as required in the next few days. A request for the Association to support and implement a mailing to residents about quitting smoking was presented. Following discussion it was decided that this is not a project that the Association should undertake, but information can be displayed on the “community bulletin” board if desired.

Doug Beauchamp indicated that he is willing to continue to work on implementation of the June 1, 2013 effective date of the smoke-free by-law.


Dan is continuing to work with EWEB on the possibility of a loan for replacement of hot water heater.

Review of emergency entry to units policy was tabled

Window check- It was moved and seconded to accept the bid from Abee Window. BMCwill proceed with sending letter to owners with a schedule for signup. Benton Elliott suggested that the association check out installing a device to hold windows open on windy days. He is aware of a device used at Lane Towers and will check with the manager there and get back with information.


Leak check is complete

Annual registration of fobs is complete

Doug Beauchamp and John Rose are working with Bravo, our website provider. There is an issue with the site registration. Doug will communicate with Bravo to determine whether we own the site or Bravo.

Incident reports—see attached


Reviewed three requests for late fee waivers. Two requests were approved. One was the result of a bank error and the other was a result of owner missing the assessment increase in January. The third will be reviewed at a later date.

Unit 802 request for accessing bath through the common hallway for remodel. Dan will continue to attempt to meet with the owners to review the exact requirements.

new fax/printer for the WT office—not action taken at this time

Review of plumbing invoices for units 605 and 703. Decision made to pay the invoice for 605. Decision to deny the request for 703 for clarifications.

Meeting Adjourned.